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Celebrities Who Want To Be Spanking Models – No. 2

Nell McAndrew

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Nell McAndrew is a z-list British celeb who started out as a model and has since tried to build up her career with appearances on reality shows, fitness vids, and the occasional attempt at spanking modelling.

The headmaster is of course the genuinely famous Chris Tarrant, presenter of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?. Here, he is attempting to turn Nell from a no-mark celeb into a very well-marked one, all in the name of advertising for a mobile phone company.

Rating: 10 out of 10

A Top Career’s Advisor writes: At last! You’ve found something you’re genuinely talented at! (Now can I have my cane back please.)

Celebrities Who Want To Be Spanking Models – Carmen Electra

Carmen Elektra2

There’s celebrities who got spanked growing up, and there’s celebrities who got spanked in films or TV shows. But a third, and often overlooked, category is celebrities who have had a go, however briefly, at spanking modelling. Here’s Carmen Electra attempting to outdo Samantha Woodley, Nikki Flynn and co.

Rating: Excellent position, very tasty outfit – 8 out of 10

A top careers advisor writes: “Shows considerable promise. I’m sure plenty of companies would be interested if she decided to go full-time.”