Santa’s Little Spankers

Christmas has come early this year!

I did a post on spanking in Loaded magazine back in May. That issue must have sold well because their latest festive offering takes it to a whole new level.

It is, I believe. the first time an OTK spanking image has ever been used on the COVER of a UK mainstream magazine!!

What a gift! (Well, actually it cost £3.50)

Rosie Jones And Amy Green Loaded Magazine January 2010 001

The blonde model is Amy Green and the brunette is Rosie Jones. As the first page of the photo shoot explains:

“It’s Christmas! So what better way to celebrate than Rosie and Amy spanking their butts as red as Santa’s nose.”

loadedchristmas 10

Inside there’s TWO more spanking pics. This one looks at first sight like a repeat of the cover shot, but Amy’s expression is different. Otherwise its pretty much identical. Click the pictures twice to fully enlarge.

Rosie Jones And Amy Green Loaded Magazine January 2010 004

And Amy also gets to switch and gives Rosie a dose of seasonal discipline – panties down!

Rosie Jones And Amy Green Loaded Magazine January 2010 013

I’ve included a couple more from the set for good measure. The photography is by Bronk Landers.

Rosie Jones And Amy Green Loaded Magazine January 2010 011Rosie Jones And Amy Green Loaded Magazine January 2010 006

There’s a Q&A with Rosie and Amy, but spanking doesn’t even get a mention.

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James Gillray and The Secret History Of Georgian London

Is this the first ever spanking picture?

jg 001

The Royal Joke, or Black Jack’s Delight, 1788 by James Gillray

Yes I know there were flagellation scenes painted on the walls of Pompeii, and even before that on the urns of ancient Greece. I suppose what I meant to say was “Is this the first MODERN spanking picture?”

The Royal Joke depicts George, Prince of Wales spanking a lady thought to be Mrs Fitzherbert his mistress. They were two of the most famous celebrities – the Posh and Becks or the Brad and Angelina – of the late 1700s. I love the old battleaxe on the far left who is wielding a horse whip and pointing at the aristocratic buttocks displayed before her with sadistic relish.

It has all the elements that we look for today in a good “mainstream spanking scene” – an adult female in an OTK position being brought down a peg with a good spanking. Add to the mix a bawdy tone with an amused crowd of onlookers and you could say that there’s nothing in the Gillray picture that John Wayne wouldn’t recognise and approve of. In fact, The Royal Joke is similar in many ways to stills from McLintock (1963).


McLintock print found on Richard Windsor’s excellent blog

Although oil painters and artists such as Max Ernst have tackled the subject of spanking; so far as I’m aware there are no pictures in “high” art that feature adult female over-the-knee spanking.

But ever since Gillray’s seminal work, adult female spanking has found a natural home in cartoons. As a subject, it strikes the right note of naughty slapstick without being obscene. There’s a couple of cartoon threads on the Spanking Scouts chat forum with many great examples mainly posted by Dan N who calls them “clean toons”.

I suppose the test of a clean toon would be one that you can show to a non-kinky person and they would be amused rather than freaked out. The Gillray picture passes that test, as does the great National Lampoon spanking cartoon from the 20th Century – just! It’s tempting to think that if Gillray, who was famous for his political and social satires, had been around in the 1970s, he probably would have worked for a magazine like Lampoon.


shgl 001The Royal Joke is used as an illustration in a new book by Dan Cruickshank called The Secret History Of Georgian London. According to Cruickshank, the capital in the 1700s was a city that that had overstepped all others in immorality and addiction to debauchery

Covent Garden was the centre of a vast sex trade strewn across hundreds of brothels and so-called coffee houses. Cruickshank believes that there were up to 62,500 ‘harlots’ – more than anywhere in Europe, and totalling a staggering one in five of the female population.

“No place in the world can be compared with London for wantonness” wrote a German visitor. “People go to church, to the inns, and to the prostitutes,” Voltaire noted with some surprise of the average Sunday in the city.

The book mentions that flagellation was a common Georgian deviancy. Clients used a scourge of birch twigs to beat pretty young Mollies, Pollies, Fannies and Kitties across their bare rumps. It was often administered in bagnios – bathing houses that doubled as brothels. After the sessions, girls were carried off in sedan chairs to have their blazing buttocks soothed with herbal remedies so that they could be ready to return to the fray as soon as possible.

For the first time in history, a thriving spanking publishing industry flourished, providing a lucrative sideline for otherwise respectable printers. Stories featured characters with names like Miss Birch and Sir Harry Flagellum. Even vanilla porn of the period such as Fanny Hill contained spankings. Against this background, it’s perhaps not surprising that one of the earliest and finest examples of spanking art emerged too.

It could perhaps be said that the format of the spanking fetish – as something quite distinct from other forms of sado-masochism, with it’s own attendant culture of paintings, books etc. – was first mapped out in Georgian England.


There was always great excitement when Moll Flanders updated her blogge.

One’s thing for sure, Gillray knew he would have a ready made audience of connoisseurs only too eager to pay good money for prints of Lady Fitzherbert being spanked in public. No doubt they quickly sold out, and the rest, as they say, is history!

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Clown Spanking

clownspanking 001

This picture was used to advertise the Clown Burlesque Extravaganza – “Comedy and Carnality, Burlesque and Baby Face, Humor and Hotness” – in Santa Cruz, California earlier this year.

A circus/burlesque crossover sounds like the perfect blend of sexy and fun

And photographer Kyer Wiltshire has captured that spirit brilliantly. Click twice to enlarge (the picture and your smile!)

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Art For Arse’s Sake

dr 001This is first and foremost a (rather late) reply to a query raised about a previous post on Desperate Romantics. I’ve padded it out with some more artistic screen grabs from the BBC TV drama about a group of Victorian painters called the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.

In the first post, I mentioned there was a single smack but it turns out the episode details I gave were incorrect, and there was another one that I’d overlooked completely. (that’s the trouble with one-smackers, blink and you miss ‘em!)

The DVD has just been released (and the whole thing’s on Youtube) so to set the record straight, there are TWO one smackers and both of them happen in Episode FOUR. It’s Jennie Jacques (below) who’s on the receiving end each time. She plays a street prostitute turned artist’s model called Annie Miller. The full details are as follows:

jj 001

Two Swats

(Episode 4, 8 mins 33 secs) Annie gets a slap on her naked rear when she is posing for a picture and the artist Rossetti walks behind her. (You can’t actually see it land but you hear it and see her facial reaction.)

(Episode 4, 27 mins 20 secs) Annie is being escorted home at night by Rossetti. She says goodnight and turns to enter her house. Rossetti lands a full-armed swat on the seat of her dress. She turns her head and laughs. (This happens at quite a long distance away from the camera.)

The show is chiefly notable though for three lovely actresses who play REDHEADED artist’s models. Each one in turn offers up their pale and delicate shade-loving rears to the camera in a series of memorable nude scenes.


Jennie Jacques

This is a better quality version of the picture of Jennie Jacques which I posted before (click to enlarge). She drops her skirt as she is standing with her back to the camera, and her bare bottom dominates the screen for several seconds. Surely a potential Bottie Bafta winning performance if ever there was one! It also comes from Episode 4 which is quite a homage to the bottom of Ms Jacques!



Amy Manson plays hat shop assistant Lizzie Sidall who famously modelled for Millais’ picture of a drowning Ophelia by lying in a bath of water. I now know from the DVD extras that Amy is a genuine Scottish redhead (which might explain Lizzie’s peculiar “voice of doom” English accent!). She kept her behind well under wraps until Episode 6 when it finally came out blinking into the light.

aam 001

Amy Manson

If you’re thinking by now that these pallid porcelain bottoms could do with a bit of colour in them, then a wonderful scene starring Rebecca Davies as curvy Fanny Cornforth provided that too.

rd 003

Rebecca Davies

No, those aren’t bruises or welts…they’re hand prints…in paint!

Interesting that they’ve only used colours from the red and purple end of the spectrum! We aren’t shown exactly how the marks were made, but it’s Rossetti again who she’s in bed with and we know that he’s fond of a bit of bottom smacking! Again, there’s a lingering close up as she walks with her daubed derriere swinging daintily from side to side. A true work of art!

rd 001

Then she lies on her front looking for all the world as if she’s recovering from a severe caning! Or perhaps I should say a 19th Century style horse-whipping, as there was a scene when the President of the Royal Academy and the arch-enemy of the Pre-Raphaelites demanded that supporters of the Brotherhood “should have their buttocks horse-whipped to a rosy glow!”

If only he’d got to take out his artistic and sexual frustrations on Annie, Fanny and Lizzie!

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Back to College Again

National Lampoon Art Poster Book

You may have seen some comments left on recent posts by Dante d’Amore. The name was new to me so I checked out his site and found an excellent blog called Dante’s Paradiso which you should definitely visit too. I also learned that Dante is a former National Lampoon columnist no less!

This month sees the 34th anniversary of the famous 1975 “Back to College” edition of the satirical magazine. This superb quality version of the cover picture (click twice to see full size) comes from a special “Art Poster Book” which was made to commemorate the 100th issue. It contained large size prints of some of the most famous covers, including the all important one!

nl 003

This picture above, complete with a pen for scale, comes from ebay. The seller took care to provide a picture of the spanking too (below). A fairly unique selling point I would have thought.

nl 004

I didn’t find the top picture on ebay though, or on a spanking site. I found it on a site dedicated to the memory of the slide rule!

I’ve never seen an actual copy of the September ’75 issue – just reproductions of the cover where it was always impossible to read the word above the letter ‘F’ on the girl’s assignment. I now realise that it says “Calculus”, which of course gives the slide rule a significance that I only now fully appreciate. (There could have been a whole series: – the art teacher using a paint brush, the geography teacher using a rolled up map etc!)

I’ve long wanted to know the name of the artist, and also legible for the first time (to me) is the signature, which reads “Lettick”. A quick visit to the National Lampoon Wikipedia page reveals that one of the “important illustrators” who worked for the magazine was called Bernie Lettick.

I couldn’t find too much about him online, but Bernie Lettick is indeed a highly regarded artist/illustrator who was influenced by Norman Rockwell and painted a number of film posters including one for the 1977 movie Sinbad and The Eye of the Tiger.

sinbad 001

In the early 1980s, his picture of Ronald Reagan being shot appeared on the cover of Time magazine.

reagan 002

This must be the third or fourth time I’ve featured the National Lampoon cover on this site, and if you know of a better spanking illustration I’d sure like to see it! On the poster version, you can really appreciate the care that has gone into rendering the tweed pattern of the teacher’s suit and the tartan of the girl’s skirt.

When I used the picture in previous posts, it always seemed to attract some nice comments.

Sir Vice Anglais once shared a story about being in New York in ’75 and seeing it for sale on a newstand.

The National Lampoon cover…reminds me that I was in New York with my wife at the time of publication. We were strolling past a bookstand on 6th Avenue and we both noticed this cover simultaneously and she just looked at me and said ‘you’ve got to buy it we’ve acted out that scene so many times’. 2 dollars, or whatever it cost well spent.

I have only two small regrets about the purchase – firstly there was no reference to spanking whatsoever throughout the entire editorial, it was only a cover teaser to increase sales to young men like me. Secondly after keeping it for years I mislaid or lost it. Today an original cover must be worth a few quid and I would have shown a profit on my original investment.

Hermione remembered the cover picture AND slide rules!:

I remember that National Lampoon cover! I don’t recall if I actually owned the magazine or if it was one of 3 years’ worth of issues loaned to me for summer reading by a neighbour. Yummy! …We used them (slide rules) in first year chemistry and physics at university, and I could NEVER figure out how they worked, so ended up doing the math in longhand. No calculators were on the scene yet, only adding machines!

Another reader told me that he once sent the picture to a female friend as a way of testing her reaction to the concept of spanking.

And in an email exchange with Dante (in which we also agreed to exchange links) he told me:

That Lampoon cover was great but I have a MUCH better appreciation for it now than back then, but it did make me think I should study more because college suddenly looked a lot more interesting!

The Chicago Spanking Review has some memories as well as interesting extra information about the 100th anniversary poster book.

We were certainly excited to see this cover, and although we considered it pretty risque at the time, in fact the Lampoon’s excessive smuttiness was in the process of being reigned in by its then youthful and unknown editor, P.J. O’Rourke. O’Rourke went on to become a very well-known, politically conservative humorist, authoring numerous books and articles.

We remember the 100th anniversary issue a few years later, containing a cover gallery which reproduced the spanking cover and added the comment that ‘conscientious P.J. supervised every second of modeling.’ Who can blame him?”

Surprisingly, CSR don’t credit the artist by name, but they do provide this helpful note:

“For the benefit of those who are too young to remember 1975, the slide rule was a computational aid used before digital calculators became affordable two or three years later.”

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Confessions of an Easel Painter

Desperate Romantics is a TV drama serial about the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood of painters who scandalised the world of Victorian art.


If you think you don’t know much about art history or the Pre-Raphaelites then you…probably wrote it! One critic dubbed it “Confessions of an Easel Painter”, which is perhaps a little unfair, but it does to art roughly what The Tudors did to history.

Not that anyone is pretending otherwise. The opening episode began with a brazen disclaimer:

“The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood were inspired by the real world, yet took imaginative licence. This story, based on their lives and loves, follows in that inventive spirit.”

They might have added:

So now we don’t have to bother with any of that dreary factual stuff, let the rolicking and frolicking begin…


Desperate Romantics: (from l-r): John Millais (Samuel Barnett), Gabriel Rossetti (Aidan Turner), Holman Hunt (Rafe Spall), Fred Walters (Sam Crane)

In the first episode, the four principal artists trawled London for a suitable model.

They had one main rule:

Redheads only, please.

Can’t argue with that, and they ended up with four! Lizzie Siddall, Annie Miller, Jane Morris and Fanny Cornforth – slum girls picked up from the streets who the PRB blended into a single icon of feminine beauty.

More importantly, the actresses playing the raunchy redheads all delivered the goods with multiple nude scenes.

Naughty cockney sparrow Annie was my favourite played by Jennie Jacques. Alabaster skin, long curly red locks, and an “I’m asking for a good spanking” attitude. What more could you want?

jj 001

This seems to be Jennie Jacques’ first TV role (apart from an Equity card-earning appearance in The Bill). I hope to see more of her.

And yes, she did get spanked. In Episode 3, she received a crisp one-smacker to the rump from Rosetti as she entered a house. Well deserved too.

But just as good was her nude scene in Episode 4.

jj 003

Other characters include art critic John Ruskin and his wife Effie (Zoe Tapper) who is still a virgin after four years of marriage and embarks on an affair with the wimpy Millais.

One hilarious scene had Rosetti lending Millais the (Pre-Featherlite?) Brotherhood condom:

“Just remember to rinse it out afterwards….and before!”

I found a scathing review on The New Statesman website which mentioned a great idea for a scene between Ruskin and Effie, (it could have been included as a fantasy sequence dreamed up by Effie):

“On current form, the frustrated Effie Ruskin is about as likely to fall for him (Millais) as Ruskin is to bend her over and spank her bare bottom with a copy of The Seven Lamps of Architecture.”

sla 001

Now any writer who manages to get the words “spank” and “bare bottom” into a sentence along with title of a classic work of Victorian art criticism deserves some recognition. So I should point out that the article was written by an attractive young journalist called Rachel Cook. (A trip to the library with her could prove to be a lot of fun!)

zt 008

Zoe Tapper

Zoe Tapper was seen full-frontal in the awkward sex scene with Millais.(“Perhaps if you were to move a little back and forward, that would be pleasurable?” “So it is! So it is!”)

Her rear architecture hasn’t been on display so far, but this has to be a great excuse to repeat some old screen grabs. They do say that Ruskin was appalled by the sight of his wife’s pubic hair when she disrobed on their wedding night, and the experience put him off sex for life.

Perhaps she should have just turned round and pointed to the nearest bookcase.

zt 04

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Susan Carnahan

F6247C1Fd01 002 1 0004

The website of New York based video artist and photographer Susan Carnahan has a video called Naughty in which she is spanked over the knee in school uniform.

The introduction says:

“After the little girl broke her doll, the embarrassment, public humiliation and secret pleasure that she experienced through her punishment make her think twice before being so naughty again”

The soundtrack of people laughing and applauding emphasises the humiliation of the girl, whilst the broken doll and the shadowy figure of the anonymous spanker adds a sinister note.

Watch it here

View similar posts:

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‘Bettie Paige: Heaven Bound’ Art Show

bphb 001Last month, a Bettie Paige tribute show was held at the Storefront Gallery of the World of Wonder Company on Hollywood Boulevard LA.

Guest curator Leonora Claire (left) assembled an impressive collection of Bettie-themed artwork displayed in homage to the famous fringed one. It included exhibits by Bunny Yeager (who shot many of her most iconic images), Olivia De Berardinis, and many more.

The event produced one great original piece of spanking art photography by Austin Young . It shows Leonora Claire spanking HERSELF dressed as Bettie. In an interview with she was asked about the picture.

Austin Young took a photograph of you spanking yourself dressed as Bettie. Tell us about the photo shoot and how that image was put together.

bphb 002

“I absolutely love working with Austin. Everything about the shoot was hilarious. Designer Marco Marco who created my outfit stood in for the Bettie Lenora so I knew about where my spanking hand should go for the first shot before it got superimposed with the Lenora Bettie. I had to bite the inside of my cheek to die from laughing. It’s really hard to make a risqué shot like that come off the right way but I knew Austin would find the right balance between glamour and humor. He’s absolutely amazing.”

bphb 01010

The opening night festivities were attended by some extra special guests including celebrities and burlesque stars. It also featured a spanking machine, complete with THREE bondage nurse Bettie-a-likes in attendance! The event was filmed for inclusion in the upcoming documentary Bettie Paige Reveals All by Mark Mori and he has uploaded a great collection of videos showing guests taking their turn to get their bottoms warmed.

bphb 0031

One of the best clips (on page 3) shows beautiful burlesque star Ava Garter (above), who gets some well-deserved extra strokes thanks to Dita Von Teese supervising the control button! Love the little spankie dance she does when she gets off the machine.

bphb 007

And Dita soon had the smile wiped off her face!

The pictures are from the collections on Flickr by Pepper and Rolling Blackout . The naughty nurses and other guests in fancy dress strike hilarious poses in the background while the spankees pout, grimace, and scream as the hot sting spreads across their backsides. The photos could be bought as momentos!

bphb 0011bphb 008bp 0014bphb 0010 asked Leonora Claire about when she first discovered Bettie Paige?

“I had to be about fourteen or so. Growing up in Los Angeles and not really fitting the tan, impossibly thin, beauty standard it’s almost difficult to explain what a profound effect her fleshy, fetishy, figure had on me. Her black bangs served as a beacon guiding me in to the world of corsetry and sky high heels that are such an essential element of my personal style.”

And on The Bettie Paige Blog she discussed why Bettie was such an influential figure:

BPB: Why Bettie Page? What is it about her that, you feel, continues to fascinate so many people?

LC: Because she was so completely progressive for her time. It took 50 years for the rest of the world to catch up to her.

BPB: Some find it strange to be “lost in the 50′s” with Bettie Page, since it was such a regressive time in so many ways. I think it’s important to note that Bettie, while being a Born-Again Christian, never had a condemning word about gay people that I’ve read, befriended a black man when that wasn’t cool, and is rightfully celebrated for advancing the notion of “sex-positive” feminism (even if Bettie, herself, would just shake her head and say, “um, I just posed in my underwear because it beat being a secretary”). While there is a kitchy element to Bettie, there are some deep politics under the surface of those photos. What do you think Bettie “means” in a political sense?


Bettie Page (April 22, 1923 – December 11, 2008)

LC: I think you nailed it. She was so absolutely ahead of her time opening up all of these debates. If art is something that makes you think and feel Bettie certainly qualifies. That’s why she’s a legend.

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Spanking in Loaded

They’re really twins!

They’re really secretaries!

They really like to spank each other!

lt 005

These pictures of twins Molly and Jess are from Loaded magazine. The theme for the shoot is inspired by their day jobs as secretaries for the TV company that makes the soap opera Hollyoaks.

lt 002lt 004

On the right picture you can see a quote from Molly:

“I’d go for Mercedes. She looks dirty.”

The question was “Which character from the show would you most like to get off with?”

Get off with…and spank with a ruler perhaps? Mercedes is played by the highly spankable Jennifer Metcalfe.

sl 001

Mercedes Benz Over

The same issue has a revealing interview with cover star Vikki Blows, who it turns out is very much one of us too.

lt 006

One of the requirements of being male is that you must fantasise about having a threesome with two women. Is it the same for girls?

What I really like to think about with girls is the shape their bottoms make when they are bending over.


Yes. Don’t you think there is something so sexy about a naked girl’s bum when she is touching her toes?

S’pose so. Is this what you think about when you have, er, your ‘private’ time?

That would be telling wouldn’t it?

So what does get you going?

I like to wear a uniform or pretend we’d never met before and then have sex. It is a way to act a bit wanton, a bit of a slut.

Do you wish you were more wanton in real life?

No, but I am very submissive. You just have to tell me what you want to do and I’ll do it. I love to be told I’m being naughty and then get a good hard spanking.

Oh really?

Yes. I’ve always been into S&M in my fantasy life and in real life. There’s something inside of me that believes I need to be taken in hand and punished.


I’m talking lightly, not being whipped with barbed wire or anything, but there are some things that turn me on that I’m not sure I should tell you.

Do you think that acting out fantasies ruins them?

It can do but fantasy can be better than reality. Or when you are alone you can remember real experiences and fantazise about them.

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Joe Shuster

The artist who created Superman had his own secret identity which can only now be revealed – as an illustrator of kinky fetish books!

Joe Shuster and his writing partner Jerry Siegel were so desperate to break into the world of comic book illustration they sold the rights to their Superman character for just 30 dollars. They later sued their employer, but the courts ruled against them. In the acrimonious aftermath of the case, they were dropped by D.C. Comics.

js 11

Siegel found employment with another comic book publisher. A quieter man, Shuster was less successful in selling his skill as an illustrator. In 1954 he did his last real comic book work, then his confirmable credits disappear forever.

It’s now thought that, to make ends meet, he turned to doing bondage and S&M artwork for a series of booklets called Nights of Horror. Prose and pictures tell stories about women who are captured, placed in bondage and whipped. Volume One includes “Book of Torture” by Rod Lashwell and “The Strange Loves of Alice” by Gar King.

noh 01

They were sold under the counter in the early 1950s, until they were banned for violating decency laws.

Comics historian Craig Yoe recently discovered the unknown drawings in a second hand bookstore and identified them as the work of Shuster. He has now compiled a book called Secret Identity: The Fetish Art of Superman’s Co-creator Joe Shuster (published April 1st).

js 10

Even more controversially, Shuster’s erotica uses characters that are recognisably the same as in his Superman comic strips. The cover art, for example, looks a lot like Lois Lane whipping Clark Kent. Yoe’s theory is that he did this as an act of vengeance.

While most of the drawings would come under the broad label of BDSM, there are a few specialist spanking ones. I found them at where you can read all about the book and see lots more illustrations from it.

js 01

I can’t put names to the the faces of the “characters” in these two pictures but they have a familiar look about them.

js 07

As a fan of F/F this one below is definitely my favourite. It’s poorer quality because I grabbed it from this YouTube video.

Joe Shuster 002 0001

Most superhero comics featured plenty of kinky stuff anyway, including bondage and spankings, so perhaps it’s not surprising to discover that one of the genre’s most important artists had a truly kinky side

js 03

And he wasn’t the only one either, as another book by the same author proves.


I couldn’t find any spanking pics in Clean Cartoonist’s Dirty Drawings, but the cover is great, and I enjoyed the slideshow of pages from it too.

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