Lindsey Lohan

Britney, Lindsey and Paris Spanked

lindsay-lohan2 That should bring in some search engine traffic, he said cynically. These three form something of an unholy trinity of celebrity spanko fantasy at the moment. It’s not surprising really considering the negative press coverage they receive for the “crimes” of being young, successful, single and female. Their every slip up and misdemeanor gets picked on and blown out of all proportion by the press because, well, because we enjoy reading that sort of stuff, I suppose.

I read an article about Lindsey Lohan writing a condolence letter to the family of film director Robert Altman, who died last November. She had starred in his last movie A Prairie Home Companion. The letter was full of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors such as “hafta” for have to and “adiquate” for adequate. Opinion seemed divided on whether this was a sincere but misguided tribute, or frankly a bit of slap dash insult to his memory.

But the striking thing was the way the newspaper printed the letter with each mistake ringed in red and the correct version written underneath, like a teacher marking a bad essay. You half expected it to say “See Me” at the bottom. When I read stuff like this, I’m not so sure if spanko fantasy is being driven by the mainstream media, or if in fact it’s the other way round!

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