Getting Licks on Radio Six

Comedian and broadcaster Phil Jupitus amused me this morning on his breakfast show on digital station Radio Six. He said that, whilst listening to a black music station (1Extra), he had heard listeners being asked to text in if they got licks. Impersonating the DJ’s voice, in a slightly dodgy Caribbean accent, he kept repeating:

“Text us if you got LICKS! That’s LICKS! We wanna know if you got LICKS!”

He made the point that no white station would ever treat this subject in such a frivolous manner. But, by the sound of it, the 1Extra phone in proved two things:

  1. Afro-caribbean people nearly all did get licks.
  2. They’ve retained a sense of humour about it.

But the best bit came when a male guest referred to working with musician Anne Marie Ruljanich. Jupitus said “Are you going to ask Anne Marie if she got LICKS!”

Mmm, now that’s a question I’d like put to all female celebrities. Black or white!

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