What Top Celebs Really Think About Their Bottoms – No 2


Oh, I’ve seen pictures of myself and I’ve been like: “Oh my God!” Especially when I’ve forgotten to wear shorts underneath and then the photographers purposefully go underneath you. It’s not nice to see your bum in the newspaper.


Tears for Spears1 Of course we have to beg to differ. Do I detect some hypocrisy in this comment however? Did she really “forget” her shorts? Or was she deliberately flashing that bottom in front of the photographers?

On a similar note, she wore this t-shirt with the slogan “Tears for Spears” at a gig in London recently. Was she genuinely showing her support for troubled Britney Spears? Or did she think this would be the best way of getting her picture in the newspapers?

I’m not sure about the effectiveness of that slogan anyway. There are those who have long agreed with the sentiment – but in a rather different way from that intended!

Tears for self-publicising, hypocritical pop stars too!

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