Spanking Machine To Go On Display In London

Amora – billed as the world’s first visitor attraction devoted to love, sex, and relationships – opens in London tomorrow.

In the Fantasy & Fetish Room, they invite you to leave any inhibitions behind and open your eyes to bondage and other sexual games. One of the exhibits is a model of a man (of course) bending over. You are invited to spank him with a paddle. A spankometer with flashing lights shows how hard you have hit him, like a fairground test-your-strength machine. Apparently the ‘educational’ aim is to teach people how hard to spank so it hurts, without going too far.

At least this sounds like a genuine spankometer, and not a device which goes by the same name on some gadget websites, that is actually intended to measure wrist movement during masturbation!

Further details about the new “academy for sex and relationships” available at

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