Photographer Julie Cook Gets Caned – “Too Hard”!

Pretty red-headed photographer Julie Cook bends over a chair, eyes screwed up in anticipation of her first ever stroke of the cane.

Julie Cook5

I hope you were all paying attention yesterday and read through to the end of Corporal Punishment Party, where I promised to post this picture of photographer Julie Cook’s painful appointment with the cane. I say painful because, although she appears to be putting on a brave face for the camera here as the stroke lands, the sting from a cane can take several seconds to be fully felt.

That’s when the mood changed and the smirk was truly wiped off Julie’s face. In shock, she immediately accused Mr XX of doing it “too hard”. With watering eyes and an angry red weal developing across her plump bottom, Julie became “annoyed” – which probably means she stropped off to the ladies to inspect the damage and sulk for the rest of the afternoon.

I don’t know what you think about this. Mr XX – hero or villain?

Maybe you think he should have just given her a playful tap? Or perhaps it was no more than a regular stroke, and she overreacted?

On the other hand, maybe he couldn’t believe his luck when the attractive red-head presented her derriere for the attentions of his cane. A member of the press too. He suspected that they were going to do a News of the World style stitch up on him anyway. Visions of all those negative headlines about spanking colonels and perverted Tory MPs started flashing through his mind, and he decided to deliver a full-force pre-emptive strike on behalf of the spanking community.

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