Spanking Through the Ages

Which Decade was Best for Spanking?

Two pictures from different eras. The top one is clearly from the late seventies or early eighties. I think it’s a still from an old Harrison Marks film. I’m not sure exactly what the girl is bending over, but it’s an ideal piece of apparatus for the job.

Gym Spank2-80

This must come from the fifties or early sixties. Fashions and hairstyles change, but the erotic charge of a spanking is timeless.

Fifties Fetish

If you’re a fan of vintage spanking pictures then check out which always seems to have something of interest.


Apple Smack

Bringing us right back to the modern era, last night’s Channel 5 documentary Raised by the Hand of God: Hidden Lives, was about Biblical parenting and families who use corporal punishment. An American mother was shown cutting a switch from an apple tree, whilst a British family favoured the use of a short leather strap. There was an amusing discussion about spanking between students at a Bible Class:

1st Student: “Often the parent will be thinking ‘this is going to hurt me as much as you.’

2nd Student: “Yeah, but not in the same place!”

2 thoughts on “Spanking Through the Ages”

  1. I think you’re referring to the Japanese video clip AJ.(Sorry, I unintentionally had comments closed) Indeed she does look rather unstable doesn’t she? I like the way her spanking technique seems to be influenced by karate.

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