How to Turn a Supermodel into a Geek

Which one of these St Trinian’s girls is an international super model in real life?

St Trinians1

I blogged a while back about the new St Trinian’s movie and mentioned that beautiful red-headed model Lily Cole is going to be making an appearance as one of the schoolgirls. I’ve since found some pictures with her in them (She’s on the left). She’s clearly playing the school swot – note the spectacles, longer skirt and flat shoes. Not to mention the hairstyle!

Just in case you need more help on how to turn a supermodel into a geek, I’ve created this ‘before’ and ‘after’ image for your enjoyment and further instruction.

Lily Cole 5

Girl geeks and swots – Less or more spankable? You decide.

The film will also star Jodie Whittaker (Venus), who studious readers of The Spank Statement will know has already been nominated for the prestigious title of Most Spankable Celebrity 2007. She will play Beverly, the bottle-blonde school secretary.

In one scene she’ll be wearing a t-shirt that reads ‘Talk To The Chest Coz The Face Ain’t Listening’ – looks like she’s got that title all sewn up!

2 thoughts on “How to Turn a Supermodel into a Geek”

  1. Maybe I’m just peverse, but I’ve always found the geek/swot girl more appealing all round – and not just as my preference to take over my knee.

    Seemingly less unattainably gorgeous, able to speak far more than two words of sense together, and accustomed to spending over ten minutes at a time sensibly employed in a useful manner.*

    I find the Schoolgirl Miss Cole clearly the most attractive woman on the page.

    That does it, I’m perverse.


    *Yes, I am going to parent my daughter’s like Mr Bennet, thank you very much.

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