Joey, The Sopranos Actress, & The Spanking

Yesterday, I watched the episode of US sitcom Joey which contained a spanking scene. It dates from 2004, but was being shown for the first time in the UK. The episode, helpfully entitled Joey & The Spanking, featured a brattish (male) child actor who Matt le Blanc tames with an otk spanking on set in front of an entire film crew.

Drea de matteo 1I actually enjoyed the show, and thought that the storyline was dealt with in quite an interesting way.

First of all the not inconsiderable female angle. Joey gets the idea for the spanking from his sister Gina, played by Drea de Matteo (The Sopranos). She utters the immortal lines:

“He needs a good spanking. Mom used to spank us all the time, and we turned out great.”

Then Abbey, the script supervisor, tells Joey, that “somebody should put him in his place”.

I thought it was interesting that, far from being disapproving, the female characters were depicted as being the actual architects of the spanking.

And not only that, when it occured it had the desired effect. The contrite young actor thanked Joey for disciplining him and acknowledged he deserved it. Spankings of any kind, female or male, are extremely rare in TV shows these days. Portraying spanking in a positive light is even more rare, so I thought it was well worth drawing attention to it on here.

My favourite quote from the show was uttered by Joey’s acting rival played by Benjamin Lockwood :

“A very good career move – spanking the star!”

Sarcasm of course is totally wasted on The Spank Statement. All aspiring male actors should take on board this excellent tip.

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