French Star Gets Bottom Hammered

News that the horror film company Hammer is to be revived got me thinking about the old films and whether they contained anything of interest.

Hammer films certainly featured bare bottoms a plenty, with bizarre sacrifice or initiation rites often incorporating a naked maiden or two.

Hammer 1

Sex scenes and gratuitous shower scenes provided more opportunity to get some naked buttock on the screen, but the image below shows a grab not a spank.

Hammer 2

Although I couldn’t think of any actual Hammer spankings, there is a scene in the 1974 French horror Tender Dracula. This featured one of Hammer’s biggest stars Peter Cushing as Dracula, and was clearly much influenced by the British franchise.

The scene is also notable because it features beautiful cult actress Miou-Miou.


Dan has commented on this Chross post that:

This is one of the premier OTK spankings in mainstream movies. We see 18 swats land (out of 21), and it appears that Peter Cushing is doing a good job of spanking the French actress Miou Miou.

I would add that we are also seeing a gamine 24 year old French girl  getting an otk spanking from a middle-aged English gentleman, which I think adds extra spice to this fine scene.

My clip is rather poor quality. Chross’  post has a different version.

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