Moonglow Party Part Two

In the second part of Kitty Churchill’s account of a Moonglow Dining Club event, the spanking action gets underway:

…Too slowly for George, who told Sharon to pick another man at the same time. She chose Mr Photofit. His heart didn’t seem to be in it and he gave her a few desultory smacks. Rose chose Albert. Albert had to take things easy as well – any great exertions would have probably killed him. As he lightly palmed Rose’s rear, the audience commented on the largeness of it. As two of her cheeks wouldn’t have made one of mine, I was glad that I hadn’t paid to participate. When the three men had finished, the girls claimed to be disappointed that the spanking hadn’t been harder.

Then the experienced members took over. In the first scenario, Alison was a naughty eighteen-year-old who had stayed out at a disco beyond curfew. Her guardian, John, was waiting for her when she got in. ‘Just what time do you call this, young lady?’ asked John, tapping his watch.

‘Two-thirty’ replied a sullen Alison.

‘I told you to be in at ten-thirty. I promised your parents I would look after you.’

Alison shrugged belligerently.

John was at his wit’s end. What would Penelope Leach do in this situation? He knew. He put Alison across his lap, pulled down her knickers and soundly spanked her.

She was unrepentant ‘I was with Leonard.’ she said challenging John’s authority, ‘and he was good.’

Leonard was beaming.

P3289925The scene finished and we all clapped.The whole thing was then played out again, this time with Ray worrying over the whereabouts of Rose and Sharon. The acting was better and therefore the spanking harder. Ray’s preferred method was to hammer on one cheek at a time until it was the colour of claret. It looked as though Rose wouldn’t be doing too much film work in the coming week, as Ray’s rings had left some deep marks. We applauded again and the girls went off to change for the next skit.

During the break, Victor complained to the older female film star about one of his actresses who had walked off the set in mid-production after fearing her father might find out. He had promised to pay her £300 for five hours work and he was wondering how much he should deduct.

‘The problem with these girls,’ he said ‘is that they see noughts in front of their eyes and don’t think of the consequences. After twenty minutes, a lot of them find that they can’t take the pain.’

Still, the film could be saved, he said. They were going to use a bum double.

In the next scene, Alison played a wayward security officer whose boss had found out she’d been slacking on the job. Little was left to the imagination as, directly in front of me, she was forced to bend over a high stool with her Securicor knickers around her ankles. I guessed she wasn’t about to have her pay packet docked. As she worked in a footwear factory, it was fitting that she be spanked with the sole of a shoe. Quite where the riding crop came into it, I don’t know, but I applauded enthusiastically at the end anyway.

It was time for the cautionary tale of the unsuitably dressed secretary played by Sharon. Rose, the severely attired office supervisor, brought this indiscretion to the attention of her boss, George. George took pity on her and presented her with a £50 voucher for Wallis.

Actually, I’m lying but by now I was feeling that some of the script writing could do with a little tinkering. But hold – this scene had a twist. As Sharon hiked up her non-regulation panties, she let go of a secret. Rose, Little Miss Butter-Wouldn’t-Melt, had her hand in the till. She was summoned to George’s office and given an ultimatum – drop your drawers or pick up your P45. Rose kept her job. We clapped, we cheered, we said how lovely their bottoms were now that they were warming up.

Another break. Rose came over and asked if I was interested in doing this type of work. Having just received another extortion letter from my bank manager, I thought hard before saying no. Rose, who was well-spoken and by far the best actress, told me that she was genuinely into the fetish and SM scene and had decided she might as well make money out of it.

‘Are you submissive or dominant?’ she asked.

‘Mainly submissive but I change roles sometimes.’

About as often as I changed the sheets, actually, but I had an idea where the conversation was going.

‘I don’t like dominating men,’ she said. And then a pause for dramatic effect, ‘But I do women.’

With that, she was off to climb into her schoolgirl outfit.

As I was thinking that maybe red Lambrusco doesn’t taste too bad when you’re drinking it to avoid talking to anybody, a man in a ‘Stop the Acid Rain’ T-shirt’ came and sat behind me. He obviously felt shampoo was destroying the planet too as he hadn’t washed his hair for a month.

‘Are you a reporter?’ he asked. ‘We all think you are – that’s why we’re being quiet.

I covered myself by talking about how I couldn’t stand the cane because of the pain and rattled off a list of every CP instrument that Miss Prim had used on me. He was dead impressed.

P3289908-1He was Alison’s husband. Now convinced of my CP credentials, he told me some tender love stories about him and Alison. Misty-eyed, he remembered the time that a friend of his spanked Alison in the back of a transit van. Being so love struck, he made his friend rub Ralgex into Alison’s raw behind. Being so totally smitten, she hit the roof and had to go sit in a puddle. All the world loves lovers and I felt that my heart had been Ralgexed too, as he told me how they spent their free time walking hand-in-hand through car-boot sales looking for things he could hit her with. Why, only the other day, they had found a weightlifter’s belt!

Leonard joined us, also in a sentimental mood. Were there tears in his eyes as he recalled how, at the Luton Severity School, they had broken a wooden paddle over one woman’s tushie? They assured me that no blood was ever spilt, but Alison confessed that her bruising had only just gone down.

‘It’s not the actual pain,’ Alison’s husband told me. ‘It’s the fantasy factor of the whole situation.’ I felt reassured. They were only fantasy bruises.

Leonard thought I looked as if I wanted to spank the girls. I assured him I could wait for another time. Better still, some old romantic chipped in, perhaps Leonard could spank me.

Fortunately the arrival of the schoolgirls stoped this unscheduled scenario developing. This was the final scene; I felt this time surely the denouement would be different. There were three headmasters who took turns wearing George’s headmaster gown. Alison was in trouble for having an atrocious school report, Sharon for cheating in an exam and Rose for being a bad headgirl. There was the usual lecturing and calls for more discipline. Did George then do an about turn and say that maybe the Montessori approach was right after all? No, he did not. Post caning, we had to inspect each of the girl’s bottoms and rank them in order of markings. Sharon came top as hers was the boniest.

George then rose to call the meeting to a close. They finished at five, said George, for those who had to convince their spouses that they had had another hard day at the office. He informed those of us who were planning to stay that there were stroke mags on sale and that the new video release would be delayed because of problems with one scene. Apparently, one of the actresses had regained her sanity for a moment.

The ‘manager’ of the two young girls asked if anyone was interested in a long weekend of spanking at a country house in France.

‘It’s the wives that are a problem,’ said George.

The sweaty tweed jacket, who had been sitting next to me all afternoon in silence, nodded sadly in agreement to this. His wife thought that he was still working at Heathrow that afternoon. I asked him if he had enjoyed himself. He had and felt it was much better than watching videos.

‘Nothing beats live action,’ he said smiling and then sweated some more.

Pictures from Sound Punishment.

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