Big Brother Continued

So this guy writing in today’s Times about the overdose of reality TV on Wednesday night says: “If all this seems too tacky, migrate to BBC 4 where the schedulers serve up a deep documentary about teenagers and their bedrooms. Uh-huh, great…Davina, it’s you, me and some cheap fizz.”

I assume he made that up all on his own and wasn’t influenced by reading my post of yesterday. But you never know. Perhaps he’s a fan of The Spank Statement, in which case he’ll be hoping for a repeat of last year when gay Richard Newman spanked Nikki Grahame for indulging in one of her trademark whinges.

Dressed in black stocking and suspenders, Nikki bent over the end of her bed and received several strokes with a belt. I like the top picture best which shows Nikki really gritting her teeth and bracing herself ready for the first stroke.

I think someone’s uploaded this scene on YouTube, but I thought you’d be interested to see the newspaper report anyway which comes from The Daily Star (Click to enlarge).

Nikki BB

Last year’s series of Big Brother also featured a housemate called Aisleyne, who seemed determined to get her bottom on the screen more than her face. And since leaving the house, sure enough, she has successfully established a career, in tabloids and lad’s mags, as a professional mooner. Here’s a picture of Aisleyne hard at work:

Big Brother 11

For my money though, the ultimate BB spanking experience would be presenter Davina McCall herself.

Davinia McCall

Channel 4 have got to make a grovelling apology for the ‘editorial misjudgments’ of the last series of Celebrity Big Brother. Wouldn’t it be a good idea if Davina, as the public face of BB, also took a spanking live on air before the first show?

If that happened, I reckon that guy from The Times, and more than a few others, would be cracking open some very expensive fizz…

One thought on “Big Brother Continued”

  1. geez, the TV shows over in the US are not nearly as spank-happy as the ones you are mentioning, unless I’m missing something….

    great blog!

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