Dos Pistolas Gemelas

Dailymotion blogged video
Dos Pistolas Gemelas
1965 Comedy starring Pili & Mili

 “They’re the most annoying people on the planet.”

I had to laugh after reading this quote about Big Brother twins Sam and Amanda in my newspaper yesterday. It was attributed to…the mother of the Cheeky Girls. Oh the irony!

What are the chances of Sam and Amanda starting their own pop career on leaving the house? Madonna’s Hanky Panky would be a good choice for them to cover I think.

Anyway, here’s the link to the video that I promised from the film Dos Pistolas Gemelas (Two Guns for Two Twins) in which Pili and Mili get spanked by Sean Flynn, who I think looks like British comedian Steve Coogan.

I like the way he just holds her under his arm rather than puts her across his knee. This must take quite a bit of strength (or sheer adrenalin!), but it means that Pili (or is it Mili?) is in a particularly helpless position, with her rump in the air and both legs flailing wildly.

The spanking is of above average length and vigour. The cutaway to the onlookers also adds interest – the grimace of the other twin is contrasted with the laughing faces of the old man and woman. She is unable to enjoy seeing her sister spanked, probably out of fear that something similar could happen to her. Which indeed it does…

…in a separate incident later in the film, which I shall upload and post shortly. So stay tuned to The Spank Statement for more twin spanking treats.

3 thoughts on “Dos Pistolas Gemelas”

  1. See my post of May 31st ‘Double Trouble’ for further info about Spanish twins Pili and Mili, Sir Vice.

    Glad you liked the clip.:-)

  2. fantastic! i saw this years ago on a video compilation I acquired i believe thru shadow lane. so wonderful to see it again.

    yeah, does take some strength to just pick a hottie up like that i’m sure, and heat her seat firmly. the western genre works so well with spankings…

    thx again for posting,

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