If You Still Want More…

The Spank Statement has been surfing a wave of unprecedented popularity over the last week or so, thanks to links from some more established blogs. Chross’ excellent weekly round up included my Big Brother Continued post, and Spankboss at Spanking Blog featured my John Wayne 100th Anniversary Tribute.

I don’t always get as much time as I would like to keep up with what’s going on elsewhere in the spanko blogosphere, but this seems a good time to pause to draw breath, and spread a bit of the love around.

My Bottom Smarts is always worth a read, and Bonnie, along with Ruby Redd, does a fantastic and very important job of encouraging new bloggers, and helping to get them off the ground.

Someone who doesn’t seem to need much help is Spanker Bryan who recently celebrated 3 million views of his blog – an amazing landmark.

The Cherry Red Report has to be one of the most hip and happening blogs around at the moment, whilst Richard Windsor at The House of Richard Windsor has been keeping us all entertained with some classic images from his collection.

In the world of spanking model blogs, I’ve recently discovered the delightful Spanking Pixie, whilst in the UK Pandora Blake has just written up an entertaining and funny account of her participation in the Race for Life.

There are two French blogs, Au Fil des Jours…Au Gre du Temps!
and Le Journal de la Fessee which are favourites of mine, even though I only understand about one word in every five that they write!

Finally, there’s a new kid on the block that I’ve just visited for the first time – Spanking Central: ‘This spanking blog differs from others in that it has fewer readers’ says Tim, but I’m sure that won’t last for long.

All the above seem to have one thing in common – they’re in it for the sheer love of the subject, which has to be the best possible reason for blogging about anything.

The spanking blogging world is certainly a vibrant and fun place to be; friendlier than chat forums, and cheaper than paysites. If you’re reading this and have been considering having a go at blogging yourself, I would certainly encourage you to give it a try. There’s no blog I’d rather read and link to than that of a regular Spank Statement reader.

4 thoughts on “If You Still Want More…”

  1. Wow-Thank you for your kind words on my site. That is very encouraging. It can be overwhelming as there are so many blogs floating around, spanking and otherwise. I find the French blogs very well done, though I also can only really understand, well, ummm, the images:-)

    Your blog has a lots of celebrity tidbits and celeb. spankophile gossip and such–a very good niche as I don’t recall other blogs focusing on that kinda’ thing.

    Anyway, thx again and keep up the excellent work on your site!

    Best wishes,
    “The Cherry Red Report”

  2. Yes, I sometimes wish there was a bit more material out there to work with, but I haven’t run dry so far (fingers crossed).

    Not being able to fully understand those French blogs somehow seems to make them all the more titillating.

    Thanks for your comments, Dave.

  3. Thank you for the recommendation and for your generous words.

    You are exactly right when describing the motivation for blogging. It is indeed “the sheer love of the subject” that keeps me writing and posting.

    Even after over 600 posts, there’s still nothing better than a good spanking!


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