A Heated-Bottom Debate

Natalie Mendoza 3You can’t say that The Spank Statement is afraid to confront some heavy issues. Already this week we’ve payed tribute to the victim of a serial killer, tackled racial inequality, and taken an in-depth look at the social history of the 1960s. Now there’s a fierce debate raging on another crucial topic: Which female character in BBC drama Hotel Babylon most deserves a good spanking from Max Beesley’s hotel deputy-manager!

Initially, a two-way battle between Emma Pierson’s receptionist, and Tamsin Outhwaite’s manager we now have a third nominee – Natalie Mendoza’s head housekeeper (above). Why not cast your own vote now? Even if you’ve never seen the show, PaulH’s excellent comment on Ms Mendoza has to be worth reading.

Regular readers may recall that I wrote about the dynamic of the relationship between Beesley and Pierson and compared them to a latter day Wayne and O’Hara. Now they have have been cast together again in new ITV 30-something drama Talk to Me.

Sure enough, although the show is grittier and more realistic than Hotel Babylon, their characters are essentially the same – Beesley the hunky lothario, and Pierson the scatty minx.

In the first minute of the opening episode, Emma Pierson’s character performs oral sex on Beesley by diving under the bed covers. All we can see is him ogling her rear at extremely close quarters as she does so. (Admittedly, I never saw Maureen O’ Hara do that to John Wayne!)

The very next day, Beesley dumps her as his girlfriend. She then turns up at the radio station, where he works as a DJ, demanding to see him, but he tells the security guards that she is a stalker. As she is carried kicking and screaming from the building we hear her shout ‘I sucked his dick yesterday!’.

She then defaces a poster of Beesley by writing SHITHEAD across his forehead, but she only manages to get as far as SHITH… before getting arrested by the police.

Now if that’s not a spanking offence I don’t know what is!

Female viewers were treated to a long and lingering shot of the well-toned Beesley bottom. I suppose it’s too much to ask for a similar view of Emma? I know she’s done lingerie shoots for magazines such as Maxim, but I don’t think she’s ever done a nude scene.

And when is he finally going to take her OTK? It’s surely got to happen one day.

Hasn’t it?

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