It’s Wimbledon !

strawberryThere’s something about tennis, and especially Wimbledon fortnight, that seems to bring out the spanko in everyone. All those long-legged lovelies in thigh-skimming skirts patrolling the court get the thermometer rising even when it looks like rain.

And there’s always the chance of some childish behaviour to raise the temperature even further. Perhaps a tantrum over a disputed line-call, or some racket throwing petulance after a missed shot. And then there’s grunting.

Wimbledon 4One of these days an umpire, instead of warning a player is going to get down out of his high chair, bend her over the net, and say ‘Right I’ll give you something to grunt about young lady!’? He would then proceed to turn her bottom the same colour as a bowl of strawberries and cream.

Wimbledon 1Yes, it’s a highly promising time of year for the spanko-media watcher. Virtually every newspaper or publication you turn to has pictures that frankly would not be out of place in a spanking magazine.

I’m sure you all had your favourite players in the past – whether its the icy aloofness of Chris Evert, the brattishness of Monica Seles, the classic model looks of Anna Kournikova, or the athletic girlishness of Maria Sharapova that did it for you – there will be plenty of similar interest to come in the following two weeks.

And plenty more shots of sexy female players either flashing their knickers, bending over with their bottoms in the air, or simply looking gorgeous from behind.

Or in Maria Sharapova’s case, no doubt, all three.

Maria Sharapova002-1Maria Sharapova003opr03RU0

New balls please!

3 thoughts on “It’s Wimbledon !”

  1. Great post! Def. Anna K. is on another level of spankability. Tennis and Tanning go hand in hand.:))

    I have a great image of her I should send you, once I find it….

    Blog on,

  2. Thanks guys, I’ve been too ill to post anything for a day or two so these comments really helped to make me feel better.


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