Ouch! That Hurts!

I love to see a really good butt clutch in the aftermath of a spanking. Who doesn’t? But some spanking models have developed butt-clutching into a fine art.

There’s the single-clutch.

Buttclutch 1

And the double-clutch

Buttclutch 2

Moving up the difficulty scale, we come to the quadruple single-clutch or four in a row. It could have been five, but the girl on the extreme left didn’t get her right hand far enough down to convince the judges that she was clutching rather than inspecting. Still a brave attempt.

Buttclutch 3

And here we have a rarely attempted triple double clutch.

Buttclutch 6

And a perfectly executed double, double-forehand/backhand-clutch combination.

Buttclutch 4


Even mainstream models, such as Keeley, are getting in on the act. This is a pretty rare pose for a Page 3 girl. More than welcome though.

Buttclutch 5

Credits: www.pacificforce.com www.spankingonline.com www.realspankingsinstitute.com www.soundpunishment.com

One thought on “Ouch! That Hurts!”

  1. This is too funny:) Absolutely classic, very clever post ! !




    p.s. now where can i buy some of that 7-up Free soda. . .

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