7 Whupp

Commercials featuring spanking are always worthy of note, and today I heard an ad on the radio for soft drink 7 Up Free which certainly grabbed my attention.

It began with smacking sound effects punctuated by female giggles and oooh’s. The voiceover, also female and quite sexy, then explained that, even though 7 Up Free has no caffeine, sugar, preservatives or colouring, it is still refreshing enough to give your taste buds a good lime and lemony spanking. Cue more smacking sounds, more ooohs, and even a yee-hah!

I heard it on Talksport, which is a national digital station in the UK. A TV version along similar lines could be very interesting, although I rather doubt that it would slip under the radar in the same way that this radio ad seems to have managed.

7 Up Free is the latest in a long line of fizzy soft drinks that are now being marketed as healthy ‘sports’ drinks. It’s good to see that spanking these days is regarded as more acceptable and politically correct than sugar!

Since I don’t really have any pictures to go with this story, here’s a link to some pictures of Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria instead.

They’re not the ones of her playing beach volleyball that were published a few weeks back and which you’ve probably already seen, but some even newer and equally hot rear views of her frolicking in various swimsuits in St Tropez.

She’s due to get married on 7.7.7 which, come to think of it, would be an excellent date for 7 Up to go global with their spanking ad campaign. Yee- hah!

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