Coming Soon

I’m going to try and upload some clips from the Hungarian gameshow Balazs.

They show girls paying a forfeit which involves three doms who come on stage each bearing a different implement – a crop, a small whip, and a paddle. Their fellow (male) contestants have to choose one of the three men.

In a carefully choreographed punishment sequence, the girl is led to a chair by one of the men and placed over his knee; a second holds her arms, while the chosen one then beats her with his implement. Around twenty strokes are delivered in all.

I can’t stress enough how much I love these clips. In fact, they fit in so well with the pervy-but-fun style of this blog that I hope to upload them all and post them on here eventually.

On the face of it, it’s all done for laughs, and yet there is a genuine element of humiliation about the spankings and probably some real pain too. We get a superb close-up of the bottom during the punishments and lingering close-ups of the girls faces both before and after. The producer of the show, or someone behind it, is clearly a real spanko.

The first one is especially notable for the look of God-I-wish-the-earth-would-swallow-me-up uncertainty on the face of the pretty redhead, whose partner chooses the dom with the whip.

I’ll post it on here tomorrow hopefully, if I don’t have any problems with the uploading process.

One thought on “Coming Soon”

  1. hey any chance of any more of these being posted? i really love these clips. there was one I saw somewhere else with a girl wearing pink, which I now can’t find anywhere. thanks

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