The Williams Sisters

I’ve had a comment from a reader who was disappointed that my post Wimbledon-Some Brief News failed to make any mention of the Williams sisters. Although they’re not to everyone’s taste, I have to admit that this is a fair criticism. They’ve contributed greatly to the um…scenery at Wimbledon in recent years.

Had I realised just how many folks were going to visit this blog to read the post, I might have made it a bit longer, in which case they would have been included.

Wimbledon might be over now, but since I like to give my readers what they want (and women tennis player’s bottoms seem pretty high on your list), here’s four pictures of Serena Williams showing an absoluely awesome butt crack above the top of her jeans. Her body shape was just made for this fashion trend. In fact she doesn’t even need to wear low-cut jeans in order to pull it off! (Click to enlarge)

SerenaWilliams 02

The other picture also happens to be of Serena. It shows a controversial incident from this year’s tournament when she was injured whilst playing Daniella Hantuchova (I didn’t mention her either!). It provided a great excuse for the photographers to zoom in on her underwear, as if they needed one. But she was accused in some quarters of faking this injury.

Serena Williams 03

I don’t really have an opinion on the injury, fake or not, but what I think we can all agree on is that Serena has a 100%, totally genuine, bona fide….ASS!

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