What Top Celebrities Really Think About Their Bottoms – Sisters Special

Cameron & Chimene Diaz:

cd 010Charlie’s Angels was a highly ass-conscious movie with Cameron Diaz (pictured left with her sister Chimene) leading from behind. She and her co-stars, Lucy Liu and Drew Barrymore, were constantly bending over, shaking their asses, and even getting a slap or two.

But this was just a warm up for The Sweetest Thing in which her trademark ‘ass shake’ was perfected to the point where it was one of the most talked about things in the movie.

In this extract from an interview she expresses surprise that she should become so famous for this part of her body:

She considered it “just blatant opportunism on the parties involved with the camera. It’s the funniest thing ever because my entire life, I was so skinny that I always wrapped a shirt around my waist because I was embarrassed about my complete lack of a butt. My sister has—we call it the Cuban butt. She’s got this awesome, rad, perfect, high, hard butt. And now I’m the one who gets paid to shake my ass.

The article goes on to explain both the genetic and lifestyle influences that shaped the famous rear that we know and love today.

In working-class Long Beach, California, where her father, a second-generation Cuban American, worked as an oil company foreman and her mother, a mix of English, German and Cherokee ancestry, worked for an exporter, Diaz tightened her glutes as a surfer—with the additional cross-training benefits of football, baseball and roughhousing.

Not sure what is meant by ‘roughhousing’ in this context. Unless they mean regular doses of the paddle!

The interview ends with a return to the inevitable subject.

When all else fails, there’s that ass shake. “You wanna see it?” Diaz asks as we stand up to leave the restaurant. “Well, since I get paid to do it, I hope you have your checkbook with you, because I know I don’t take credit cards.

It’s always nice when a star takes time out to tell us not just about her own ass, but her sister’s as well. But in a later interview Cameron was critical of her most famous attribute:

“Looking in the mirror, I can see my ass sag to the back of my knees.”

These recent eye-popping shots of her in a bikini would suggest she doesn’t really have much to worry about. I love the way each picture shows her bottom in a different pose. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to have Cameron across your knee, the pic of her diving into the surf provides a great spanker’s-eye view.

Just look at Diaz on that!

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