A Spanker’s Guide to Skirt Lifting

Skirts are funny things – they seem to have a mind of their own sometimes. When it’s a windy day they get especially frisky (below left).

sk 10sk 16

Careless skirt wearers don’t even need the wind to achieve much the same effect (above right).

You’d think that long dresses would be less of a risk, but not so. They’re more likely to need adjusting or reining in, which can even leave film stars such as Jennifer Beals with a red face and a bare behind.

sk 08

These are all examples of accidental skirt-raising exposure, but those who get impatient waiting for an accident to happen, can always take the matter into their own hands.

sk 01sk 03

Thankfully, enforced exposure usually occurs when cameras are present. The young lady in the above right picture was passing a photographer as she entered an awards ceremony for hairdressers. Perhaps she was hoping to win an award herself, but her partner decided that picking up ‘Worst Pants in Show’ was probably her best chance. The guy in the left picture? Well, he’s just nosy.

In a spanking context, the raising of the skirt is always a highly charged moment. The scene in the Czech film Postriziny (1981) in which Jiri Schmitzer belts Magda Vasaryova has an excellent example of skirt lifting prior to a spanking.

sk 22

Miss Vasaryova’s skirt is just the right length. Too short, and the lifting becomes less of a drama. Too long, and you end up with awkward fumbling. Note how her right hand is holding the skirt in place to stop it from falling back over her bottom.

sk 19jpg

When skirts of medium length are lifted on to the small of the back, they drape down either side of the bottom and thighs. Then, when the knickers are pulled down too, it produces a ‘frame’ for the target area. Artists have often exploited this to good effect, especially the famous National Lampoon cover.

sk 17

And how about this picture for a great skirts-raised spanking image?


I don’t know where it comes from, but it certainly ticks all the right boxes:

  • billowing skirt,
  • white panties,
  • stockings and suspenders,
  • beard
  • dynamic leg-kicking,
  • head-turning pose.

Did you spot the odd one out?

3 thoughts on “A Spanker’s Guide to Skirt Lifting”

  1. I absolutely agree with you, it is just so much more erotic and elegant, as well as being a dammed site easier, to raise a woman’s skirts when she is over your knee than to try and tug her jeans or trousers down before administering the spanking.

    The National Lampoon cover you use to illustrate your piece reminds me that I was in New York with my wife at the time of publication. We were strolling past a bookstand on 6th Avenue and we both noticed this cover simultaneously and she just looked at me and said ‘you’ve got to buy it we’ve acted out that scene so many times’ 2 dollars, or whatever it cost well spent. I have only two small regrets about the purchase – firstly there was no reference to spanking whatsoever throughout the entire editorial, it was only a cover teaser to increase sales to young men like me. Secondly after keeping it for years I mislaid or lost it. Today an original cover must be worth a few quid and I would have shown a profit on my original investment.

  2. If you have the time or the inclination to find it there is, somewhere, a very nice shot of Ulrika Johnson raising her dress, at an awards ceremony, to reveal her very shapely bare bottom.

    Also somewherelse is a video clip of Ulrika bending over and being spanked by the comedian Harry Enfield. She is wearing jeans however. It would have been some much nicer if she being wearing that raised dress and bareing her bottom. We can only dream!

  3. What a great story! You were certainly in the right place at the right time there Sir Vice πŸ™‚

    Compare and contrast my own, much less impressive, first discovery of the National Lampoon picture. On a prostitute’s card in a London phone booth!

    (The words had been removed from the background so I did not know where the picture came from. It was also impossible to tell what he was using to spank her with.)

    It struck me how superior it was to any artwork I had ever seen, and I imagined there to be an artist in a bedsit somewhere who was churning out work of this quality. Which I wasn’t getting to see!

    It was almost a relief when I got on the internet, and discovered that it was a one off, specially commissioned piece. (And the implement was an old-fashioned slide rule.)

    I have to say it was quite a surprise to discover that it had actually been on the cover of a magazine. But not half as much of a surprise as it must have been for you to see it as you were walking down the street.

    I still have the now badly faded card, though I can’t imagine it fetching much on e-bay 😦

    P.S I’ve seen the Ulrika Johnson picture. It would definitely have fitted in to this item well. Your helpful suggestions have given me an idea for a possible ‘Ulrika Special’ at some stage πŸ™‚

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