“Spanking Is The Most Wonderful Thing,”

I haven’t blogged about Big Brother for a while, although the pictures I posted of Nikki Grahame getting spanked from last year’s series are still proving quite a draw. But what happened to all the predicted spanking action this year? Well things did go quiet for a while, but it turns out that Big Brother was cleverly holding things back for a brand spanking finale to this year’s series.

Yes, a new contestant called Jonty Stern has entered the house, and he is a self-confessed spanko. According to the website Digital Spy :

Jonty revealed his penchant for spanking to the rest of the group late last night after being quizzed on his masturbatory antics.

The museum worker, who is still a virgin but enjoys spanking people of both sexes, told the group: “I go to ordinary nightclubs…it’s all very jolly”. “We end up spanking,” he continued. “it’s the most wonderful thing, you see.”

A shocked Kara-Louise spluttered: “So you’re not as innocent as you make out?”

“No,” grinned Jonty.

The Sun couldn’t resist flagging up this fascinating titbit of info about Jonty too:

Another new housemate is a 36-year-old virgin who loves SPANKING.

Nerdy Jonty Stern said: “I’ve never had sex but I have had spankings with people of both sexes.”

Watch this space for any further updates on what Jonty gets up to in the house.

js 03

Meanwhile, one of the twins has (at last) received a well deserved bottom warming from housemate Ziggy for messing up during a task. I like his no-nonsense spanking style.

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