Drawing Her OTK

I’ve used one or two well-known examples of spanking art to illustrate my posts recently. Whilst old classic drawings are always worth seeing again, new blood is also necessary to keep the world of spanking art fresh and vital.

It is therefore a pleasure to welcome on to the scene not just a new blog, but one which features original, and very promising artwork by Patron E. Hall .

I first discovered the blog by following one of Chross’ links, and have now added it to my own blogroll. Then yesterday, Dave over at The Cherry Red Report, posted an insightful interview with the artist himself. They discuss his artistic influences, and the sources of inspiration for his work.

As Dave points out a number of the best spanking artists are no longer active, so it’s all the more important that new talent gets a chance to be recognised, and to further their career (if that’s the right word).

The drawings themselves are mainly digitally produced, and have a very modern take on some timeless themes. The use of humorous captions add to the sense of someone having fun with their art. (check out the girl with a bar of soap in her mouth.)

I particularly like the more traditional technique and sketchy style of his drawing of the girl in shorts getting paddled (26.07.07). Nothing wrong with a 2b pencil after all – especially when it’s wielded as skillfully as this.

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