Spanked Upon the Seat of Her Spotted Pantaloons

When you’re blessed with the spanking gene, it’s sometimes really odd the things that can ‘set you off’. Like this picture of two actors dressed as Punch & Judy for example.

pj 01

Judy’s expression is a mixture of sexy pout and defiant eyes. Is she seducing the onlooker, or challenging him?

Mr Punch looks more effete and unthreatening than the puppet usually does, even though he is carrying his slapstick. This is one case where Mr Punch could perhaps be described as long-suffering, and Judy as deserving some comeuppance.

What a fun picture it would have made if they’d gone the whole hog and shown him spanking her with that slapstick.

I also love the glimpse of underwear that Judy is displaying. Spotted pantaloons! Of course Mr Punch should take those down. Or maybe not. Perhaps he should use that slapstick upon the seat of her spotty pantaloons. That would still provide great entertainment, and wipe that look right off her face.

sp 01

The next best thing might be to watch the Czech film Honza Malem Kralem (1976), in which Jorga Kotrbová (left) played a haughty and aloof princess who is spanked in front of the king, his courtiers, and a crowd who had come to witness an execution.

I think it must be the largest crowd in front of which I have seen anyone being spanked. Instead of a beheading, they get to see the stuck up princess turned over the knee of a young suitor, her skirts raised, and spanked on her purple-spotted pantaloons.

You might be familiar with the scene, but if not, here’s a Daily Motion link where you can watch it:

pj 04

For those ‘on-the-bare’ purists who don’t really hold with the notion of pantaloon spanking, here’s some pictures of Jorga Kotrbova from the film Pátek Není Svátek (1979) (click to enlarge). They provide a glimpse at what lay beneath the pantaloons as she lies naked on a table having a massage.

In the right-hand picture note how her buttock has contracted as a result of being grasped around the neck by the masseur. I’d say that reaction is for real.

pj 03

I wonder if the same method acting approach was applied to her role as the princess, resulting in two truly red and sore buttocks when she finally peeled off those spotty pantaloons at the end of a hard day’s work on the shoot.

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