Back To School

What do men see in the cheerleader outfit?

Ha! – they do seem to like it, don’t they? It’s exactly the same as they see in the schoolgirl uniform. And I don’t think it’s the short skirt. Although that’s a bonus. I think it’s the fact it’s sweet and naive. I think Britney Spears knew that, with the uniform and the pigtails. It’s very risqué.

bts 05This is Heroes star and Spank Statement favourite Hayden Panettiere speaking in the current edition of FHM magazine. Quite a perceptive comment I think (that girl should have her own spanking blog!). She seems to understand exactly why she was placed in that cheerleader’s outfit, and the effect it was intended to have on male viewers. As she points out, the cheerleader costume is basically a fantasy version of a school uniform.

It’ll be interesting to see what sort of character she plays next now that she has finally turned eighteen. Will she be allowed to grow up and be cast in more adult roles?

Not if the example of her British contemporary Emma Watson is anything to go by. Just a few months younger than Hayden, she is currently filming a period drama for the BBC called Ballet Shoes, based on a book by Noel Streatfeild.

Whilst her fellow male Harry Potter stars have been branching out into more mature roles including sex scenes and full-frontal nudity, poor Emma seems to be going in the opposite direction! And she doesn’t look very happy about it does she?

bts 04

Of course, we Brits don’t need to keep our hottest, coming-of-age actresses infantilised with the aid of substitute schoolgirl uniforms. We’ve got the real thing. And what an interesting take on the school uniform this is – definitely one for those who prefer authenticity over fantasy.

Ballet Shoes was first published in 1936, five years before the first St Trinians cartoons came out. So this is presumably what schoolgirls would really have worn around that time – certainly more authentic than anything you’re likely to see in the new St Trinian’s movie anyway!

I’d love to have seen the look on Girl’s Aloud’s faces if they’d been made to wear uniforms like this for the film. What a lot of foot-stamping and cursing would have ensued.

Behaviour which would easily be curtailed by a strict 1930’s-style school ma’am, like the one played by Victoria Wood in the photo. I would never have thought of her as a domme-type figure, but she really looks the part here.

I suppose it would be too much to expect any c.p. scenes in Ballet Shoes, but it wouldn’t be too difficult to weave a storyline around this picture. Does Emma Watson’s character look so cheesed off because she’s been caught out of bounds, and is now being escorted back to the school premises for a painful session at the end of Miss Wood’s most pliable cane?

I had a helpful comment recently reminding me that it is twenty years since corporal punishment was abolished in U.K. schools. The cane is fast becoming a distant memory – much to the relief, no doubt, of many of those donning their modern-day school uniforms for the first time this week. Especially those who might have seen this recent article in the Daily Mail‘Caning book’ from 1902 is a grim lesson for truants.

But on the whole TV and newspapers seem to have let this anniversary slip by without much coverage. I’d like to have seen a programme which mixed politicians and journalist’s opinions on the c.p. debate, with various celebs reminiscing about their own experiences of visits to the headmaster’s study. It would have made for an entertaining hour I would have thought.

But whatever your views on corporal punishment in schools, I’m just grateful that the media is on message when it comes to keeping our not-so-young actresses in cheerleader and school uniforms for as long as possible. It’s like they’re trying to keep them spankable for as long as possible too.

Coming tomorrow:

Find out which British celebrity threatened to spank Hayden Panettiere while she was in the UK last week.

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