rm 02A new TV spanking scene emerged while I was away. You may be ahead of me on this one, but I’ve just been finding out about it via a post on the Spanking Facts & Research Chat Forum by CreepingFear23, and a follow up from Chross who has posted two links to the scene on his blog. (Great work guys).

It comes from US comedy drama Californication, and it’s pretty hot. The spanker is Evan Handler (Sex and the City) and the spankee is Rachel Miner, the former wife of Macauley Culkin.

A while back, I wrote about the continuing importance of the film Secretary, and there’s an obvious influence here, with a very similar set-up and relationship between the participants.

But in one sense it pushes the envelope a little further. We see the bare bottom of Rachel Miner while she is being spanked! If you have a slow internet connection, or just like to see stills, here’s a great montage of pictures from the scene.

In another episode of the series, David Duchovny’s character unwittingly goes to bed with a 16-year-old. At a press conference a critic asked him how it felt “to be playing the first male lead in TV series history who has sex with a minor.” Duchovny thought for a moment, then replied: “I gotta update my resume.”

Evan Handler could equally have been asked how it felt “to be the first person to spank a woman on the bare bottom in TV series history.”

The good news for UK readers is that Channel 5 have bought the rights to this series, and although I don’t have any exact dates, it’s listed as ‘coming up’ in their autumn schedules. The episode is No.3 The Whore of Babylon.

In the meantime, let’s pay tribute to Secretary star Maggie Gyllenhaal, because it’s hard to believe that this scene would have been made without her groundbreaking 2002 precedent. And it’s great to see her flirting with S&M imagery once again in a new set of photos for Agent Provocateur lingerie chain.

She stripped down for a series of sexually charged images, which include one striking shot of her tied to a piece of furniture in handcuffs . I can’t make out what the antique piece of furniture actually is, but it looks pretty kinky when used like this!

It’s interesting to see her, not just promoting the company’s lingerie, but their accessories too. According to their website, Agent Provocateur also sell a range of classy whips and paddles. So it’s surprising, given her notoriety in this department, that there aren’t any shots of her bending over for a 2007 disciplinary update.

But the images are part of ‘Lessons in Lingerie’, the first in a collection of books entitled The Adventures of Miss A.P. The next episode will be released in November. So there’s still hope.

5 thoughts on “Californication”

  1. Of course it’s interesting to see this latest example of spanking in the mainstream, but watching the clip, I’d have to say it’s not that great. She’s obviously topping from the bottom here, bratting and even putting herself over his lap. True, it’s bare bottom, but it’s in no way as “hot” as Secretary was. It takes more than a “bottom” to make a scene real, it takes a “top” as well, and I don’t believe we’re seeing any authentic topping here. Anyway good work keeping on top of pop culture spanko references here on this blog. Thanks. –Karl

  2. Thanks Karl,

    Good to see you on here.

    I wasn’t really comparing the quality of the scenes, merely pointing out an obvious point of influence between them.

    Perhaps I should have explained the spankee is the secretary of the spanker who, after being fired, agrees to accept discipline from her boss when he sees fit, in exchange for being reinstated.

    Have to agree the actual spanking is nowhere near as good as in the film,

    Do drop by again sometime. (I’ve read some of your always intelligent comments on other blogs.)


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