Bad Girls Caught In The Act – No. 1


Yes, this is the first of an exciting new series of posts in which we will be taking a look at the behaviour of some of the more lawless female elements of society, and featuring pictures of them committing crimes and misdemeanours, getting caught, and punished.

Shoplifting is such a classic female crime that it is not surprising it frequently crops up in spanking stories and videos.

This picture of a girl stealing some sunglasses is quite a tease. She doesn’t look like a very confident or experienced thief. Looking around with those doe eyes would be sure to attract the attention of any self-respecting store detective. She also looks like a nice middle class girl, who would be horrified at the thought of getting a police record if caught.

sl 02

Maybe she’d make a run for it like this unfortunate woman. Chased from a supermarket by a shop manager and a security guard, she attempted to jump over a fence, but was caught by the legs of her jeans. In a desperate attempt to give them the slip she dropped the jeans, but still ended up firmly gripped around one arm and ankle. The security guard is on the phone to the police asking for advice about what to do next.

sl 095

All this scene needs is a little old lady to come out of a nearby house and start whacking the shoplifter’s bare bottom with an umbrella!

But for those who are arrested and prosecuted, the consequences can be far from funny. Public humiliation is used in some states of the U.S.A.

shoplifter2AP0705 468x385

When a female celebrity is caught shoplifting, any humiliation factor is automatically multiplied by all the press attention.

sl 05

This is a picture of Winona Ryder as she is about to enter a US court to face charges of shoplifting. The trepidation of a beautiful woman about to face the consequences of her bad behaviour is perfectly captured by the photographer.

Her downcast eyes and averted face speak of shame and embarrassment. The awkward pose of her hands reveals her discomfort at the predicament in which she finds herself. The prim girlish hairstyle, and the oh so sensible skirt and cardigan combination is strongly reminiscent of school uniform.

Is this a grown woman about to enter a court of law, or a student outside the headmistress’s study of a private college, where she has been summoned to pay the penalty for her shoplifting misdemeanours?

Coming Next on Bad Girls Caught In The Act: Traffic Offences

2 thoughts on “Bad Girls Caught In The Act – No. 1”

  1. ah shoplifting, as it’s so intertwined with so many of my spanking fantasies….especially when a girl steals, say, a haibrush. even better!


    Keep up the great blogging,

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