Naughty Kitty

Some details on the French maid burlesque video:

Wild Card Kitty is the stage name of Scottish burlesque and performance artist Catriona Patterson. In 2006 she performed in a fringe show at the Edinburgh Festival, playing a naughty French maid who provokes the displeasure of the lady of the manor –  enough to warrant a bare bottom spanking.

It’s a charming little skit by an up-and-coming young performer who lists Secretary as one of her favourite films on her MySpace page. The way she rubs her bottie before leaving the stage is a nice farewell touch. Apparently she used to do another routine involving a spanking nazi, which I’d be interested in seeing too. I hope her career continues to blossom, as she clearly has some rather special talents.

wck 03

You don’t get much of a look at her in the vid, so I tracked down this hot pic of her with a just-been-swatted expression on her face.

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