American Weekly

Thanks to JS666 for letting me know that the final picture in the Anonymous Art (26.09.07) post came from “American Weekly”, the Sunday supplement for the Hearst papers, and dated from 1948.

According to JS, it had a regular column called Teenage Tempest, moderated by “Ursula Trow”. They would pose a question on teen problems from their readers, and print letters that came in – with a regular subject being the spanking of teenage girls.

JS has kindly sent me some more pictures from the same publication. They seem to fall into a similar grey area between conventional illustration and spanking porn.

The first is a dramatically lit bed-time spanking which illustrates a scene from a story about a guy who married an older woman.

aa 07

This is one of the Teenage Tempest column illustrations which shows how a mother dealt with her 17 and 19 year-old daughters when they were “sassy.”

aa 04

This final picture is from a story about the travails of the royal family of Monaco, and the spankee is Princess Charlotte, the mother of the late Prince Rainier .

aa 03

JS writes that “there’s a lot more, but it has never been systematically collected.” Fascinating stuff, although I guess at the end of the day the talented artist (or artists) behind these pictures remains – anonymous.

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