The Spanked-in-Movies Hot List 20 – 11

No. 20 Susan Oliver: U.S. Wagon Train


This blue-eyed blonde all-American girl went across Robert Horton’s knee for a richly deserved spanking in 1959.

Her offence? Attempted murder no less. But brooding, silent-type Horton had already cooly removed the bullets from her gun. She only makes it as far as No.20 on looks alone, but the scene is the No.1 all time favourite of spanking model Erica Scott.

Erica said: “That scene makes me weak in the knees every time I see it, and I have seen it countless times. He’s so sexy and yummy and quietly strong, and she is the perfect brat. (“If I kill you, it’s your fault!”) And the way he takes her in his arms afterward just makes me swoon.”

No. 19 Deborah Secco: Brazil, Lacos de Familia

Deborah Secco Brazilian women are famous for the shape of their bottoms, and this Latin lovely certainly got her’s knocked into shape in the 2000 telenovela. Born in Rio de Janeiro, she was 21 years old when she was taken across her step-father’s lap and awarded a samba of smacks across the seat of her white panties.

She went on to model for Playboy, and feature on a list of the sexiest women in the world.

No.18 Stefanie Powers: U.S. McLintock!


Born in Hollywood, California in 1941, Stefanie Powers is an Emmy Award-nominated actress who’s best known for her role as Robert Wagner’s wife and crime-fighting partner, on the 1980s crime drama, Hart to Hart. She has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Thankfully, she was also immortalised in the Spanking Hall of Fame in 1963, when Patrick Wayne took her across his knee and paddled her behind with a coal shovel. In this picture she is shown at her most alluring, before the decade of big hair and shoulder pads got a grip.

No.17 Francoise Pascal: Mauritius, Keep It Up Downstairs

francoise pascal gallery 1Born in 1949, the hazel-eyed beauty played a maid who was taken OTK and spanked by the butler in this 1976 Edwardian romp.

She was the Penthouse pet of the month in 1970, and became pretty much everyone’s pet of the month when she starred as “the hot French one” in dodgy 70s sitcom Mind Your Language.

Ooh la la!

No.16 Kathryn Grayson: U.S. Kiss Me Kate

kathryngraysonPetite and buxom with that perfect heart-shaped face and wide, expressive eyes, she had an almost elfin beauty that set her apart from the other sexy starlets of her day.

No wonder Howard Keel made the most of his opportunity to take her across his knee in front of a packed theatre audience in that Shakespearean inspired spanking scene.

Keel and Grayson were paired for three films, and despite the spanking (or perhaps because of it!) they became life-long friends.

No. 15 Anne Helm: Canada, The Iron Maiden

annhelmBorn in Toronto in 1938, Anne Helm’s greatest claim to fame is probably her association with Elvis Presley, with whom she appeared in 1962’s Follow That Dream. The two seem to have been briefly romantically linked.

This British comedy, in which she played a brattish American heiress who gets spanked by Michael Craig, was made in the same year.

History does not record what Helm thought of Elvis’ own spanking technique in Blue Hawaii, made just a year earlier in 1961. But her classic sixties look and all-round cuteness, earn her a place in the spanked-in-movies hotlist ahead of her red-bottomed rival Jenny Maxwell.

No. 14 Jennifer Miller: Canada, 5ive Girls

jennifermillerLikeable, sexy and cute as a button – Jennifer Miller has got it all really. So why not put her in a plaid skirt, bend her over a desk and get a sexy headmistress to administer a sound spanking with a ruler?

Amazingly, that’s exactly what happened in this 2006 teen horror movie.

Result? She earns her place as the fourteenth hottest woman spanked in a movie – with some style.

No. 13 Yvonne de Carlo: Canada, Frontier Girl

yvonnedecarlo Possessed of a striking face and figure, she was one of many Hollywood starlets dubbed “the most beautiful woman in the world”.

Her voluptuous charms led to her being cast in exotic roles which became her trademark. But when she exhausted her repertoire of Eastern temptresses, she turned to Westerns instead.

She certainly belonged to the golden age of cowboy spanking scenes. Frontier Gal, her first western role, was made in 1945. And what was the last western movie she appeared in? None other than Mclintock! (1963) when she played a cook in a small comeback role.

Shortly after this she moved to television, where she became famous to a new generation as Lily in The Munsters. But she will always be remembered for the spanking she received from Rod Cameron which must go down as one of the most realistic and hardest in a mainstream film.

She died earlier this year, aged 85.

No.12 Paulette Goddard: U.S. Reap the Wild Wind

paulettegoddardShe was a major star of the Paramount Studio in the 1940s. Her exceptional beauty and fame led to several marriages to notable men, including Charlie Chaplin.

In 1942, she achieved the considerable feat of appearing in a movie that starred John Wayne and NOT getting spanked by him. Only for Ray Milland to go and take the honours instead!

Wayne must have been a bit put out, but not half as much as Goddard, who at 32, probably thought that her red-bottomed days were safely behind her.

No.11 Ann Sheridan: U.S. The Footloose Heiress

AnnSheridan1Born in 1915, this red-haired beauty was destined to become one of the top sex symbols of her day. Tagged “The Oomph Girl”, Sheridan was a popular pin-up despite the fact that she was generally assigned films that did not show off her talents.

She made her film debut in 1934, but it was in this 1937 romanic comedy that Craig Reynolds took her across his knee and spanked her behind in front of an audience at a dance. I have to confess I’ve never seen this scene, but I’m sure it put some much needed ‘oomph’ into her backside.

Nos. 10-1 coming shortly.

7 thoughts on “The Spanked-in-Movies Hot List 20 – 11”

  1. Valdor I must congratulate you again on a fresh and thought provoking piece on spanking in the movies. You have obviously taken a great deal of time and trouble in researching a topic that is fascinating for your readers. I look forward to seeing what and who you have chosen for the top ten.

    As an acknowledged expert on this topic can you tell us which actress has appeared and been spanked most times in different mainstream movies? It may be Maureen O’Hara but I have really no idea.

  2. Patron E. Hall: Thanks, it’s good to get some feedback on this one, as I’d hoped it might prove popular.

    Sir Vice Anglais: That sounds like a good idea for a future post to me!

    Actually, I had planned to do a piece on actresses who’ve been spanked more than once.

    But the question of who has been spanked the most is not as straightforward as it might seem because you have to define a spanking first.

    O’Hara has received many single swats and even kicks to the rear, most notably in The Quiet Man, which often get described as spankings.

    If you include all these, then yes, I should imagine she has been spanked the most.

    But if you only count more formal punishments then Lucille Ball and Holly Aird would seem to be in the frame too.

    But as I say, I’m going to return to this subject, so keep reading.

    It’s nice to hear that as a long-term supporter, I’m still keeping you interested Sir Vice, and yes writing the Hotlist was bloody hard work!

    But a labour of love of course 🙂

  3. Valdor in answer to your question I would classify a spanking as two or more stikes to the bottom. The strikes may be with an open hand or with an implement. I would neither call a kick to the rear nor even a sinlge smack on the bottom a spanking.

  4. I think we are more or less agreed on the definition of a spanking. And there is a case, as I implied above, for arguing that Maureen O’Hara is not the most spanked actress or even the second most spanked.

    But the exaggerations and myths surrounding O’Hara’s on screen “spankings” never seem to go away.

    She herself once said “I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been spanked in a movie”

    So even she doesn’t know!

  5. Yes, excellent list, but you forgot to mention that Paulette Goddard was spanked in her previous film for de Mille, Northwest Mounted Police. Obviously he’d enjoyed filming the first spanking so much, he’d decided to go for another one …

    As for Maureen O’Hara, McLintock! seems to me to be one of the most realistic spankings – with a coal shovel??? It must’ve hurt like hell. And although the director has the camera pointed the wrong way (good grief, doesn’t he know where a woman’s bottom is?), it doesn’t look faked to me; difficult to see how it could have been. So if she’s not the most-spanked actress, she’s the most severely spanked actress.

  6. The question of “What actress received the most spankings in TV and the movies?” is usually answered differently, by different spanking fans.

    You can say Maureen O’Hara if you wish, but “McLintock” (1963) is the only film in which she endured an actual, over-the-knee spanking. As you said above, she received a few smacks and kicks in other films, but not OTK.

    On the other hand, you could go with Lucille Ball, who was put over Desi Arnaz’ knee THREE TIMES, in their “I Love Lucy” days.

    Or you could go with Estelita Rodriguez, who would get spanked OTK twice, in “Mexicana” (1945) and in “The Fabulous Senorita” (1952.)

    Or Gale Storm. She was spanked in “Stampede” (1949) and again in her own TV show, “My Little Margie” (1952).

    There are others. But I suspect that the one actress who got the MOST spankings on camera is Joan Davis. She was not a raving beauty, but she was a very funny lady. in “She Wrote the Book” (1946) Joan Davis received the HARDEST over the knee spanking I have ever seen, from her co-star Kirby Grant. Later, she was spanked in her TV series “I Married Joan” by her co-star Jim Backus.


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