The Spanked-in-Movies Hot List 10 – 1

No. 10 Maureen O’ Hara: Ireland, McLintock!

maureen o hara 02Maureen O’Hara was spanked more than once in movies,  although it is this scene from the 1963 John Ford comedy western which is her best known date with discipline.

She is one of the most beloved of Hollywood’s Golden Age icons and at the height of her career was considered one of the world’s most beautiful women. She will always be remembered for her chemistry with the legendary actor, and spanker, John Wayne.

I have to admit that she is no great favourite of mine, but you can’t have a list of cinema spankees without O’Hara can you?

No. 9 Claudette Colbert: U.S. Bluebeard’s Eighth Wife

claudettecolbert Born in Paris in 1903, her family emigrated to the United States three years later. She was a popular leading lady in Hollywood films, particularly during the 1930s and 40s.

In 1999, she was ranked 12th by the American Film Institute in their list of Greatest Female Stars of All Time.

Cecil B De Mille obviously adored her as a femme fatale, and each of her three films with him included semi-nude scenes, however she did not wish to be portrayed as a siren and thereafter refused such roles.

No surprises here, as I’ve already said that she deserves automatic inclusion, although it’s a pity we don’t get to see much of her one and only (nearly) on-screen bottom-warming session.

No.8 Ginger Rogers: U.S. Professional Sweetheart

gingerrogers 02Natural beauty and peerless grace as a dancer made her Fred Astaire’s most famous partner in a series of classic musicals made between 1933 and 1939.

In this early film, shot when was only 22 years old, Norman Foster put her over his knee, and gave her five swats to the seat of her smalls before she escaped by biting him on the leg.

In 1941 she won the Academy Award for Best Actress and was RKO’s hottest property during this period.

I think she received a threat or two in some of her other movies although they were never carried out (possibly due to her underhand leg-biting tactics). This scene was enough, however to earn her eighth place in the spanking hot-list.

No. 7 Amber Tamblyn: U.S. Normal Adolescent Behavior

ambertamblyn 03In with a bullet, you might say, Amber Tamblyn came to fame in a starring role on the television series Joan of Arcadia.

She then branched out into film roles, appearing in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and The Grudge 2.

Interestingly, she also appeared in 1996’s Live Nude Girls, in which she might have acquired an early ambition to become a cinema spankee, after seeing the very erotic scene in which Dana Delaney gets spanked on her bare backside by a mafia godfather.

In a strange twist,  she actually plays the Dana Delaney character as a young girl.

Although this is a brand new scene; looks-wise, she comfortably earns her place amongst the more established spankees of all time.

No.6 Miou Miou: France, Tender Dracula

mioumiou 01 Her stage name, Miou-Miou (a reference to the sound of a cat), was given to her by a lover when she was 18. She was raised in Paris and made her film debut in 1971.

It was in this obscure 1974 horror pic that she experienced the true meaning of “le vice anglais” at the hands of Peter Cushing. I’ve already uploaded and posted the clip here, and it has proved I think the most viewed of all my videos.

So, for that reason, along with her sexy charms as displayed in many of her nude scenes, this French kitten takes her place in the top ten.

She has continued to appear in movies to the present day and remains a highly popular figure in her native country.

No. 5 Naomi Watts: Australia, Brides of Christ

naomiwatts 01Born in England, her family emigrated to Australia aged 14, where she appeared in this award winning TV series alongside another future Hollywood star Russel Crowe. She also made an early feature film, Flirting, with Nicole Kidman.

Her caning scene, alongside Melissa Thomas, is a very rare example of schoolgirl corporal punishment in mainstream movies and T.V.

She was 31 before she became successful in Hollywood, in the lead of David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive, and went on to star in The Ring and King Kong.

All of which makes her possibly the biggest spanked film star of today, as well as one of the hottest of all time.

No.4 Gloria Guida: Italy, Scandalo in Famiglia

Gloria Guida Gloria Guida was born in 1955, and brought up in Bologna. She took up modeling, becoming Miss Teenage Italia in 1974.

Her looks and superb figure soon won her starring roles in a string of sexy film comedies, in which she played young female characters who were discovering their sexuality.

This rare 1976 movie, sees her uncle spanking her white-pantied bottom as she lies across a bed. It must rank as one of the earliest scenes in mainstream cinema to show the spankee enjoying the experience. She begins by giggling innocently, but as the spanking continues other feelings clearly begin to surface.

No.3 Helena Bonham Carter: U.K. Lady Jane

helenabonhamcarterThis English rose wasted no time at all in gaining spanked movie-star status after filming a bare-bottomed caning scene in this, her very first feature.

The film led to her being typecast as a “corset queen”, playing pre and early 20th century characters, particularly in Merchant-Ivory films.

Achingly pretty, she is also arguably the finest actress ever to have to bend over and present her bottom cheeks for chastisement in a mainstream film.

No.2 Sharon Tate: U.S. The Fearless Vampire Killers

sharontate 01Sharon Tate was born in 1943 in Dallas and soon earned a reputation for her beauty after entering and winning a number of pageants. In 1960 her father, a U.S. army officer, moved to Verona taking his family with him.

After beginning her acting career as an extra in Italy, she moved back to the U.S. where she gained experience in small television roles including The Beverly Hillbillies – a series which frequently referenced spanking.

Her first film role was opposite David Niven in Eye of the Devil. This began the chain of events that led to her screen spanking.

Much of the filming took place in London, and Tate remained in the city where she immersed herself in the world of fashion and night clubs. It was in one of these clubs that she met Roman Polanski.

Polanski was planning The Fearless Vampire Killers, and had decided that he wanted the red-headed actress Jill St. John for the female lead. After meeting Tate he changed his mind and cast her instead, on the condition that she wore a red wig during filming (see picture).

A perfectionist, Polanski had little patience with the inexperienced Tate, and said in an interview that one scene had required seventy takes before he was satisfied.

Hmm….that couldn’t have been the spanking scene could it!

A critic said that she was “astoundingly photogenic, infinitely curvaceous, and one of the most smashing young things to hit Hollywood in a long time.”

In the picture she is shown committing the offence for which she was spanked – taking a bath.

No.1 Alice White: U.S. The Naughty Flirt

alicewhite 02Alice White, whose brief career as a late 1920s jazz baby ended in anonymity and personal tragedy is my, perhaps surprise, choice as No. 1.

Alice was born in New Jersey in 1907 (click to enlarge picture).

She displayed early signs of spankability in a job as a script girl for director Joseph von Sternberg with whom she clashed:

“After two weeks he told me I was an excellent script girl,” Alice recalled, “but that I didn’t have the temperament for this business. For $18 a week he wanted temperament. So I got temperamental!”

She left and was soon working at film studio First National. It was there that Alice won her first small role in The Sea Tiger (1927), a late silent film.

Her big eyes, round face, and curvy figure caused comparisons with Clara Bow. A website I read whilst researching this called her the Goldie Hawn of her day.

Alice’s big year was 1929, when she was discovered by director Mervyn Leroy, who developed her as his own star in talking pictures.

alicewhite 01In 1931, she played a typically vivacious and bubbly flapper character who was tamed by Paul Page.

I have never seen the whole of this poorly received film, but one thing’s for sure, in the days before the Internet and movie spanking lists, the title was a very helpful indicator to anyone seeking out spanking scenes!

Her career was severely damaged by a scandal that erupted over her sexual involvement with her boyfriend, actor Jack Warburton and future husband Sidney Bartlett. Her reputation was tarnished and she appeared only in supporting roles after this.

Now she’s back at the top, where she belongs!


  • Where tricky decisions had to be made, I erred on the side of representing a broad spectrum of nationalities and eras.
  • There are actresses from 9 nations and 5 continents in my top 20. There are also spankings scenes from 7 different decades.
  •  I’ve suggested once or twice recently that the movie spanking scene is making a comeback, and it’s great to be able to include a recent beautiful spankee in Amber Tamblyn which shows that it’s already happening.
  • Let’s hope therefore that this list starts to look very dated…very quickly!

15 thoughts on “The Spanked-in-Movies Hot List 10 – 1”

  1. An anonymous e-mailer writes:

    I’m glad you included Ginger Rogers. I don’t know which Fred Astaire-movie it was where he is a psychiatrist (who happens to be the best dancer in the world…) and she a spoilt upper-class girl. Someone calls Astaire on the phone and asks if he’s listened to Ms Rogers and, if so, what’s wrong with her. Astaire says:
    “There’s nothing wrong with her that a good spanking wouldn’t cure.”
    An irate Ms Rogers overhears the conversation in an adjoining room.

  2. Great list.

    One more slight correction, in “Lady Jane” HBC is birched rather than caned. My understanding is that the cane was not introduced until the 19th century, when Victorians wanted an implement that didn’t require nudity to be effective. So any depiction of a caning before then is probably anachronistic. (In “By the Sword Divided,” the daughter got a birching over her clothes, which probably wouldn’t have done much. A lot of people swear it was a cane, but I’m pretty sure it was a birch-rod, which she later calls a “besom,” an old-fashioned word for broom.)

    With regard to Maureen O’Hara, I actually enjoy seeing an older woman get it. (And her paddling in “McLintock!” was the scene that first lit my fire.) I’ve always preferred the spanking of a grown woman to one of an adolescent, let alone a child; hitting kids is just brutal. The older the woman, the greater the come-down from adult status. One of my fave scenes is in “Roots of Heaven,” with a cultured, mature woman getting it bare in the middle of a party.

    My tastes, anyhow.

    P.S. If you’re including beatiful spankees in lackluster scenes, consider the lovely Diane Baker, who got a brief one from Martin Milner in an ep of “Route 66.”

  3. I was hoping that including O’Hara in the top ten would keep her fans quiet. lol

    Absolutely nothing against spanked older women in principal. I guess she’s just not my type.

    I’ve also written in an earlier post about Mclintock and called it “the greatest scene of all time”. But I guess the point of these sort of lists is it gets folk arguing and provokes comment.

    I haven’t seen either of the scenes you mention, JS, and there were a couple in your other list that I haven’t seen either!

    Your comment on ‘By the Sword Divided’ is interesting. If the word ‘besom’ is used then that would indeed refer to a cluster of birch twigs tied together which, as you say, could also be used as a broom.

    This is what I understand as a birch, an implement which was still used in the U.K right up to the 1980s. (The birch tree has thin twiggy growth and does not produce branches as such.)

    The implement in Lady Jane is obviously a single switch not a cluster of twigs, hence not a traditional “birch”. I think the Tudors would have simply called this a ‘rod’, and used the verb ‘whipped’ or even ‘flogged.’

    Certainly not, as you rightly point out, caned.

    Thanks to you, and PaulH666, for taking the time to read my list and comment on it. I know you are both serious spanking fans, and it’s great to see you on here. 🙂

    1. Growing up in the Scottish Highlands, the word ‘besom’ was used to characterise a particularly nasty type of woman, a harridan no less.
      I guess there’s some kind of relationship there with a ‘birch’.

  4. Indeed an excellent feature and comprehensive one at that. Great work! It’s a tough job, but someone has to compile all this stuff…. 😉


  5. I’m not surprised at all, nor am I disappointed, that your number one pick was Alice White, who took a terrific OTK spanking from Paul Page in “The Naughty Flirt” (1931). I think it’s a terrific choice.

    What is best about the scene is the positioning, which is perfect for OTK, and the camerawork. None of this cutaway nonsense that some modern cinematographers try to foist on us. Alice’s spanking is one we can see, and enjoy, all the way through.

    And at the end, we see a most endearing pic of Alice, rubbing tenderly the injured spot. If most spankees would do that, we’d love them all!


  6. Yes, pioneers one and all, and to whom we must give thanks. However, one minor quibble –
    ‘…Dana Delaney gets spanked on her bare backside by a mafia godfather’
    It wasn’t bare. She was wearing black see-through panties while he inserted his cigar under a suspender while proceeding to spank her.
    Delightful scene nevertheless.

  7. If you slow down the film of Lady Jane you can see that the ‘birch’ consisted of three thin canes tied at the handle. Many years ago I read an article in a newspaper that included an interview with a youth who had received a judicial birching in the Isle of Man. He also described the birch as consisting of three thin canes

  8. In ‘By The Sword Divided’ it was a cane as can be seen when you slow down the action. Also, I think that the father is seen carrying a cane as he walks down the corridor to his daughter’s bedroom

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