I Don’t Want A Red Bottom – Get Me Out Of Here

ga 03Talking of reality shows to avoid, another series of I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here is currently underway.

A group of minor celebs have to live in a camp in the Australian jungle and undergo humiliating trials in order to win food.

Brightening up the long, dark winter evenings is Gemma Atkinson (left) who is no stranger to this blog. I once wrote about a spanking threat that she received on a radio show (01.03.07).

But it turns out that she rather enjoys a bit of the old hanky spanky, at least according to the News of the World.

Here’s an ‘Assume The Position’ picture of her, in which she looks as if she might be preparing for a few strokes from a good ol’ American paddle.

ga 02

Clearly, the very mention of spanking Gemma’s beautiful ass helps to sell newspapers. I have to say, however, that these News of the World spank-and-tell stories all have a very familiar ring to them. I’m sure they have a template and just change the names.

ga 04But never fear, I have a more interesting, and probably more true, story about a different contestant on “I’m a Celeb” – the wonderful Welsh warbler Cerys Matthews formerly of indie band Catatonia.

I read it in an interview with one of the Sunday papers a few years back when she was at the height of her pop career. She spoke about briefly meeting a “very famous and much older male star” in a hotel bar.

She said that she had never met him before, but that, during the conversation, he said to her:

“I ought to come up to your room and give you a jolly good spanking.”

She just took this as a joke, and didn’t think anymore about it.

Much later that night, when she went back to her room…he was standing outside the door waiting!

From reading the story however, I got the impression that Cerys certainly did not allow the man to carry out his mission!

I don’t have a picture of her bottom, but I did once see it when she mooned at a gig.

Very fine too. (She was wearing red panties)

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