Very Cute Down Under

mk 03‘Callypigia’ is the word given to the cult of bottom-fancying that went on in ancient Greece, and which was often reflected in curvaceous nude sculptures of goddesses such as Aphrodite.

In the more recent past, we tended to erect statues to (usually male) war heroes and political leaders. I don’t know whether feminists would count it as an advance but, in Australia at least, callypigian statues are back in fashion.

Pop diva Kylie Minogue – and her equally famous rear – has been immortalised in bronze in a life-sized statue unveiled in her home town of Melbourne.

It is the work of sculptor Peter Corlett, who said he was inspired by Minogue’s Showgirl tour to create a statue representing the “ultimate Kylie”

Naturally, the pose is designed to show off her most famous feature to best advantage, but the model was not actually Kylie herself.

The figure was posed for by a waitress whose measurements were identical.

Sophia James (below), 27, said the modelling assignment was “a one-in-a-million opportunity”. She enthused:

I’m a great fan of Kylie. When I was younger I always tried to hide my bottom which is quite curvy, like hers. I’m glad singers like Kylie and J.Lo have made it fashionable to have some curves.

mk 02

I look forward to a J-Lo version in New York, and a Vorderman one in London!

mk 01

Meanwhile, fans of cute Australian girls with indescribably cute little bottoms, might appreciate these new pictures of Aussie model Miranda Kerr (above). She deserves a statue too.

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