St Trinians Stockings & Suspenders Special

With the premiere of the new St Trinians film held last night, let’s remind ourselves of those days of yore when gals at exclusive boarding schools wore stockings and suspenders as part of their school uniform.

This picture comes from one of the original films. It looks like these two girls have just arrived for the start of a new term.

ss 01

Nice, but note the hockey stick. If you were a fan of stockings in those days, hockey lessons were definitely not to be missed.

If you were really lucky, you might even get to see some exposed thigh…and more.


But whilst the games mistress had to make do with fleeting views, the headmistress could savour the full glory of stockings, suspenders, bare thighs and panties at her leisure.

Simply by summoning a misbehaving gal to her study and bellowing the dreaded command:

ss 03


4 thoughts on “St Trinians Stockings & Suspenders Special”

  1. Years ago (late 1990’s I think) There was an interview with one of the actresses, who played a sixth former in one of the origional films. She said that the actresses nicknamed the gap between the hem of the skirt and the top of the stokings, when an actress bent over, “a Smile”. It must have been fun to see who had the biggest smile every day whilst filming. 🙂


  2. Hi Paddy and welcome to this blog,

    If you’re the person who arrived here by searching for “stockings and suspenders” then I’m glad you found something to your taste.:-)

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