Celebrities Who Want To Be Spanking Models – Rihanna

ri 01

This picture of music star Rihanna, which appeared in GQ magazine, has to be one of the most half-hearted attempts at a spanking picture ever. The whole point of the OTK position is that it gets the butt facing SKYWARDS. You can’t go across the knee whilst still remaining seated! She looks more like she’s having a kip.

And what about the wooden pose of the guy? Or is it a waxwork dummy? The shot just doesn’t seem to work on any level – uninspiring, timid, lazy and above all dull.

Other bloggers, who posted this picture when it came out, mentioned the usual stuff about spanking becoming more mainstream. Well, if this is what mainstream spanking means, then it might as well stay underground!

ri 02

And yet Rihanna has to be one of the most spank-worthy celebs of the year. She released an album called Good Girl Gone Bad for a start, which contained her massive hit Umbrella. She also treated us to a dance routine on her tour in which she revealed plenty of leg and booty (see left).

ri 03Then recently, it was reported that she caused offence to her family when she went home to attend her sister’s wedding.

Rihanna hails from conservative Barbados, and the revealing dress (right) she wore didn’t go down too well, both on grounds of taste, and also because she upstaged the bride.

One family member said:

She should have been more low-key, dressed appropriately. She had words with her aunt and mother, and she was asked to leave.

Even if this report is not true, it’s still a great premise for a story or a film.

  • Big-shot 19 year old star arrives back home for sister’s wedding
  • She puts everyone’s nose out of joint with her diva-like demands and showy attitude
  • Aunt and mother get together to form a plan of action
  • They decide to administer the mother of all spankings..
  • …in a PROPER otk position with butt facing skywards!

I recommend something more like this…


…followed by a Caribbean-style rump roasting that really makes her yella – ella – ella!

2 thoughts on “Celebrities Who Want To Be Spanking Models – Rihanna”

  1. lol you are right that is a prettyyyy lame attempt at a spanko pic, though the girls boarding school pic you posted is one I’ve seen recently on GBS and really think it’s quite an intriguing one! I mean, her position straddled like that….. :)!

    keep up the fab blogging

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