To Spank a Doctor Who Girl, or Not To Spank a Doctor Who Girl ?

…that was the question facing actor Derek Nimmo in a 1970s play that wasn’t exactly Hamlet, but nearly ended up as The Taming of the Shrew .

My end of year awards seemed to create some interest and even attracted a few links, including one from a Yahoo Group and one from a tennis website! (Well I guess there isn’t much regular tennis news around at this time of year!)

The Yahoo Group is one dedicated to the subject of spanking in sci-fi series Doctor Who. They were marking the fact that Billie Piper, who played the Doctor’s assistant Rose, had been named Most Spankable Female in TV.

When The Spank Statement receives, it tries to give something back if possible. So I’ve come up with this childhood memory about a former assistant of Doctor Who. I know it will be of special interest to the members of the group, and might even shed some light on a mystery concerning rumors that this actress was once spanked in a theatrical role.


km 02 On my thirteenth birthday, I was taken to the theatre in London by my parents. They asked what I would like to see, and after being shown a page of adverts for current shows, I noticed that Katy Manning was starring alongside Derek Nimmo in a play called Why Not Stay For Breakfast? at the Apollo theatre.

Katy Manning was best known to me as Jo, the latest cute young assistant to Jon Pertwee’s Doctor Who, and one of the first celebrities that I ever remember fantasising about seeing spanked.

My parents had no idea about the reasons for my choice, but dutifully obtained the tickets and off we went. I enjoyed the play which turned out to be a farce with ‘grown up’ themes.

And not only did I get to spend an evening in the company of Ms. Manning, but I nearly got to see my fantasy come true!

In one scene, Nimmo and Katy Manning had an almighty row. It ended with her tearfully throwing herself onto a couch with her knees on the cushions and her arms resting on the back. The couch was in the middle of the stage, so she had her back to the audience. Her bottom was noticeably sticking out, clad in tight denim jeans (flared of course).

Nimmo, playing his usual bumbling repressed Englishman role, paced up and down in exasperation. He was clearly at a loss as to how to handle a volatile, emotional young female.

As he walked past her, he suddenly stopped, as if he had just had an idea. Then he held out his arm, to the point where his outstretched palm was hovering just above her bottom.

There were titters from the audience.

He then wiggled his fingers slightly. More titters.

He drew back his arm as if to smack her… (My heart was in my mouth)

…then he pulled his arm away with his other arm in an exaggerated manner that suggested:

“Oh no, I can’t do that, what was I thinking?”

The way he did it brought a big laugh from the audience. Although I surely wasn’t the only one who felt more like groaning than laughing!

And yet, I was still buzzing with excitement about it afterwards. After all I had seen Katy Manning:

  1. assume the position
  2. wait for that hand-over-bottom moment. (could she sense it’s presence?)
  3. hear the sound of the audience laughing at the thought of her getting a spanking. (how humiliating!)

When she finally turned round, she had to act unconcerned, as her character was supposed to not realise how close she had come to a sore bottom. But of course, she did know really, and I found that very enticing.

There was also the fact that she was doing this scene every night, and I wondered if on the closing night of the play, or perhaps on her birthday, Nimmo might have done things a little differently.

What if, instead of pulling his arm away, he followed through with an almighty whack to her posterior, which would have vented all his character’s pent up frustration and inner turmoil?

This would have produced not just a laugh, but a resounding cheer from the audience, including the other members of the cast and the back-stage workers who, in my fantasy at least, would have been in on the prank.


Surely no man could wind up as if to spank this bottom on a daily basis, without actually going through with it…at least once!


The Spanking and Doctor Who Group is for discussion and creativity about spanking scenarios in Doctor Who, featuring the female companions and guest stars on the receiving end.

Fantasy, information, fiction, pictures all welcomed. If you’re not already a member, why not join today? They’re a friendly bunch and it’s free!

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