Ellen Unwerth’s Revenge

“I love all the old pictures of spanking and Bettie Page and corsets. But you can’t do spanking in fashion, so I wanted to do a project where I could really let go and get girls who also love those things. I thought it would be even more sexy when there was a story to go with it, so it wasn’t that difficult to write a little storyboard.”

So said top fashion photographer Ellen Von Unwerth, after the release of her book Revenge, a sado-masochistic photo-story published by Twin Palms.

It tells the story of eight sisters sent away to an aunt’s chateau, by their widowed mother. The girls look forward to the adventure, only to end up in a series of sexually charged S&M scenes as they become enslaved by the wicked Baroness and her staff who insist that they “earn their keep.”

Finally able to free themselves, the story ends with the girls turning the tables on their captors.

The book was photographed over three days at a luxurious chateau on the outskirts of Paris. Each of the women finds herself at the mercy of spankings, bondage, enforced hosings, whippings and more – all while barely clad in impeccable 1940s vintage fashions.

And the girls are pretty vintage too. Unwerth’s fashion world connections no doubt helped her to secure some of the world’s top models. Yes, that’s mainstream supermodels, including Julie Ordon (second right) and Sarabeth Stroller (first left) in a fetish spanking and bondage shoot influenced by The Story of O!

evu 002

There are some very dark scenes that would not be out of place in some of the more extreme spanking films, but the pictures never lose their sense of fun. Spontaneous and not overly posed; arty but not pretentious, this is high fashion meets BDSM with a real twinkle in its eye! Perhaps only a woman could have tackled this subject matter with quite such a light but sure touch.

jo 04

“Having my bare bottom spanked over the knee in the grounds of a French chateau. Ooer…I think I might need a stiff drink first.”

Personal highlights include the stunning Julie Ordon (above) as Marie Louise being spanked OTK by a maid played by Lenka Batkova.

evu 03

She made sure that at least three of the other sisters also got a good seeing to.

evu 04

Sarabeth Stroller as Isabelle came in for some personal attention

evu revenge 24[1]

Whilst later the Baroness’ maid flogs Minerva Portillo in the pony stable. Hieroglyphs of pain are raised on the poor girl’s rump, which will later be referred to in the book as “fiery Braille.”


The pictures of hosings are pretty breath-taking too, as are the upskirt stocking-top pictures.

There’s also one very striking F/M picture, as the women turn the tables on the chauffeur. He is left tied to the chateau’s gate with his pants bunched at his knees while the liberated girls beat him with riding crops and whips.

Poor sod.

A good selection of the book’s 190 pictures can be seen here and here .

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6 thoughts on “Ellen Unwerth’s Revenge”

  1. Intriguing. 🙂 Never heard of this book before.

    Though obviously I wish that book was more otk-focused rather than BDSM-ish…….I’ll just havta’ produce my own spank book someday…..

    Blog on,

  2. Devlin O’Neill, or to be more precise, GWEN, Devlin’s assistant and Chief Goddess of the Spanking Universe, posted one of Ms von Unwerth’s photos here in connection with a discussion on undergarmetology. And there’s more reference to Ms vonUnwerth’s work in the comments. See comments in the peanut gallery below the post.

    Ellen’s photos have a certain "class" about them, inasmuch as they are "fine art" rather than "pornographic" in intent, although there’s a delicious blurring of that boundary in many of the shots. And the models are certainly very pretty, although they are a little sloppy in how they wear their traditional-style undergarments. But what can you expect from modern girls nowadays who haven’t had that old fashioned upbringing. Why they even think spanking is something you do for fun.

  3. Thanks for the links. Always good to discover a new spanking blog for the first time. Especially a wordpress one (3gb space upgrade!!! High Fives!)

    Those vintage undergarments seem to set the pulses racing, however sloppily they are worn!

    The pictures are certainly classy and stylish, and, interestingly, this book is available in my local high street book store, which proves it’s not what you show but how you show it that counts.

  4. Wonderful vintage nostalgic naughty ladies. How I would love to spank anyone of these beauties on their delectable bare bottoms, Wearing those erotic garte-belt and stockings.

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