Denise Gets her Bum Outen

TV Highlight of the Week:

dvo 02

Denise Van Outen bares her bottom at a red carpet event in BBC1’s The Empress’s New Clothes, a revamped version of the fairytale. (Thursday, 9.00pm)

It features Van Outen as Michaela, the haughty star of a TV soap about a powerful businesswoman, Empire State (hence “Empress”).

For publicity reasons, Michaela is determined to be the most fashionably dressed (and therefore most photographed) celebrity at a TV awards ceremony, and orders her entourage of lickspittles to hire her a chic, innovative designer.

dvo 01

The designer’s creation is, well, quite an eye-opener. Snappers go wild as the actress, turns up in her ultra-revealing and embarrassing gown.

But the cheeky designers of her frock are really just selling market stall dresses as one-offs.

According to Denise:

“I don’t strip off as in the original story but you do get to see my bum in one scene,

We had to do a few takes so I spent a good few hours with my bottom hanging out.

We had to hide from the paparazzi when we were filming it because we were outside.

They were on the tops of buildings trying to get a shot of me with my bum out. We had to put huge screens up to stop them getting any pictures and thankfully we avoided my bum ending up on a double-page.”

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2 thoughts on “Denise Gets her Bum Outen”

  1. One wonders whether this is a portent of runway fashions to come. Perhaps global warming is not altogether bad. It’s good they chose an actress with a cute ass.

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