7 thoughts on “A Fekete Varos”

  1. So does anybody know what’s going on here. Is this some “rite of spring” or was the girl being punished for something?

  2. The film is hungarian I believe, but I can’t say I’ve ever come across an English description of this scene.

    My own interpretation:
    A lady has been sentenced to a public lashing, and all the women from her college/convent/whatever, run out and say “if you’re going to punish her then you will have to punish all of us.”

    A fine gesture of female solidarity, and just the sort of historical event that, if true, perhaps would have given rise to a traditional re-enactment every spring featuring the young maidens of the town.

    With a consequent boost for the tourist industry no doubt!

  3. Nice story Valdor. This looks more like a reenactment than like the original event. With lots of tourists on hand for the occasion. Funny there are so few cameras in evidence though. I guess this must be a cinematic reenactment of last-century tourism.

  4. FYI
    The name of the movie means “The Black City”. The mayor/City Council have decided that everybody in town should wear black only, for a reason and duration that I cannot remember. One inn keeper decides to disobey and wear cheerful colors, which is deemed treason, and she is sentenced to 100 lashes, in public, to deter all other women and youngsters to do the same.
    However, when the sentence is about to be carried out, the matron of the local “School for young ladies” and her respective pupils appear dressed in light colors, in defiance, and say: “You old farts have no right to dictate this, if you’re going to punish her then you will have to punish all of us with the same sentence”. Since the class includes the mayor’s daughter, the secretary’s sweetheart, and most upper class damsels, they have no choice but to punish them all, not to loose face, but in mock, mild way….

    The story is fiction, and there is no Hungarian “rite of spring”.

  5. Excellent!! This is one of the main reasons why I do this blog,

    So that I can learn from other generous and knowledgable spank fans around the world.

    And strangely enough, it would have been possible to ‘get’ this without being able to speak the language.

    Everyone is in black, apart from the spankees. Obvious really!!

    I shall enjoy this charming scene even more now,

    thankyou very much florian 🙂

  6. If I was the director of this movie. You can be sure. That once these naughty women were bending over. I would direct that their dresses be raised, their old-fashioned bloomers taken down, and a good dozen strokes of the birch would be applied most vigoriously on their bare tender bottoms.

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