What Makes a Great Spanking Scene? – Part Three – The Storyline

When we watch internet clips, are we in danger of literally “losing the plot”?

When I posted the clip from A Fekete Varos last week, regular contributor Karl Friedrich Gauss, asked for an explanation of what was actually happening.

After some groping in the dark from me, a full and definitive explanation of the scene has now been posted by a speaker of the language who has seen the whole movie.

Many thanks to Florian for this, but how much does knowing the storyline¬† around a punishment add to one’s enjoyment of it?

It’s often said that spanking porn videos contain too much spanking, and not enough plot or character to provide a context for the punishment.

I’m sure we’re all familiar with depressing vids that begin with a line like:

“You know what you’re here for, so there’s no need to talk about it. Lift your skirt and bend over.”

In mainstream films, the spanking is never the sole point of the plot, it’s purely incidental. The characters have back-stories and exist fully, even when not being spanked. We therefore have the chance to get to know them first, what they look like, and what sort of people they are.

This builds up the anticipation, and it’s often the stuff leading up to a punishment that is the hottest, when small details can assume great importance to those watching from a spanker’s-eye point of view.

The reason for the spanking, when it finally comes, may be short and simple – a purely comic incident for example (Holiday for Lovers). Or it may be more involved – a moment of crisis in the relationship between the characters (The Iron Maiden) – or perhaps best of all – the cathartic release of tension that has been building up throughout the whole film. (Cutting it Short, McClintock! Kiss Me Kate! Blue Hawaii)

But we enjoy it all the more, not in spite of the prologue, but because of it!

That, I believe, is why there is such great interest in mainstream spanking scenes. The actual spankings may be tame by comparison with spanking porn, but they provide so much more in terms of everything else.

But it should be pointed out that actually none of this applies if we are simply watching internet clips. They do exactly the reverse, and reduce the punishment to…just a punishment.

We all love the convenience and availability of these clips, but sometimes there is no substitute for sitting down with a DVD and watching the whole film.

True, many of the films that contain spankings can be pretty dire, but Secretary, Cutting it Short, Kiss Me Kate, McClintock! and The Happy Valley, are all examples of good films that contain spankings and deserve to be watched from start to finish.

But even if the film isn’t so great, watching it all may still be worthwhile and increase your enjoyment of the spanking when it comes. For example, there’s nothing that beats that delicious moment of anticipation when “She Who Will Be Spanked” makes her first on-screen appearance.

You may also discover an unexpected ‘bonus’ scene.

Who would want to watch the spanking in Blue Hawaii without hanging around for the follow up in which Jenny Maxwell is sitting on a pile of cushions and complains of having the “exact opposite” of a head cold?

Or the follow up scene in The Big Valley, about which I received an email recently. Linda Evans loads a gun back home and her older brother wonders why. She says a man hit her. He says:
“I don’t see any marks.”
“And you won’t.”
“Oh,” he says suddenly realizing what has happened.

Or the similar scene in The Iron Maiden where Anne Helm’s mother asks where she has been hit.

“On the…..” she says, too embarrassed to complete the sentence.

I’m sure you could add to this list of great follow up moments with your own faves.

I’ve never seen any of these delightful scenes on the internet.

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4 thoughts on “What Makes a Great Spanking Scene? – Part Three – The Storyline”

  1. In a print story, one would never tell just about the spanking. Because to make the spanking real in the reader’s mind, a rationale would have to be created to make it plausible that there would even be a spanking.

    In a video that becomes less important, because you don’t have to convince the viewer that a real woman is really being spanked. They can see for themselves. Not to say that a storyline wouldn’t add to the whole experience, but the “heaven of the spectacle” can be enough, and the whys and wherefores left to the viewers imagination.

    One can understand why a lot of spanking video producers take such a shorthand approach to their work. They’re working on low budgets and need to make the most of the limited production and screen time. Also I imagine it’s hard enough to find a nice looking young woman willing to take a hard spanking for a publicly distributed video. Do you really want to add the demand that she also be a good actress. And that the other characters in the scene can also act. To their credit there are some production companies that I know of who do a credible job of full story videos. I’m thinking of Shadowlane, Strictly English, and Spanking Epics. No doubt there are others.

    Sure full-scale movies like Secretary are the best of both worlds, but I think many specialist producers cut the story to a minimum because they’d rather not embarass everyone by trying to do a story with talent that can’t act. It would be interesting to hear some comments and insights from people who are actually in the business.

  2. The names you mention certainly show what can be achieved when video companies really make an effort.

    Spankingepics vids especially have the production values if not of a movie, at least of a TV series.

    I don’t think anyone expects great acting, but a script, some scenery, costumes, and a genuine passion for the subject can go a long way.

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