Peer Group Pressure

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Spanking Virgins

These three young actresses were in a 2003 TV series based on hugely popular children’s author Jaqueline Wilson’s novel Girls in Love. It was described as a sort of “teenage Sex and the City“. But it also proved to be a hotbed for nuturing future screen spanking talent.

As you can see, there’s a familiar mix of types – the pretty one, the black one, and the goth.

They look quite naughty, but unthreatening and kind of wholesome at the same time. In this day and age, you might think that they are like unlikely candidates to have ever received any spankings.

Yet so far, two out of the three have!

‘The pretty one’ is none other than Olivia Hallinan, who was spanked three years later in Channel 4’s lesbian drama Sugar Rush.

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“I’ve been spanked now!”

Obviously jealous of all the attention her co-star’s bottom has been getting ‘the black one’, Zaraah Abrahams, has revealed that she has been spanked too – whilst training for ITV’s Dancing On Ice

Now 21, in an interview with the Sunday Mirror, she told a story about the celebrity skaters playing pranks on each other:

Chris Fountain and Gareth Gates are the show’s terrible twosome. They’ve got new tricks up their sleeves every week.

This week’s ‘thing’ has been spanking the girls on the bum. They jump out just before you go on the ice. Gareth got me hard on Wednesday. I screamed and my bum was burning for the rest of the day.

I don’t think this was broadcast as part of the show, but it’s possible that a clip might surface at some stage.

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“I’ve been spanked now!”

Which leaves us with the third Amy Kwolek. She is described as being “a wild-child goth” in the series. It would be great to get the hat-trick, and be able to say all three teenage actresses in this show have now been spanked.

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One thing’s for sure about teenagers – they don’t like to be the odd one out. If two get piercings or tattoos for example, you can bet the third will want them too. It’s called peer-group pressure.

Wonder if it applies to spanking scenes too?

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“It’s not fair! Everyone’s been spanked. Except me!!”

So I googled Amy Kwolek to see what British soap or obscure reality show she’s currently appearing in.

But it turns out that she’s landed a part in a top Hollywood movie – The International! (release date: August 2008) – opposite Naomi Watts and Clive Owen!

Yes that Naomi Watts, who was caned in the Brides of Christ (1985). And that Clive Owen who dished out a spanking in Shoot ‘Em Up (2007) !

Is she on some kind of mission to work with all the most famous spanked actresses and spanking actors in the world? What next? A part in a film alongside Amber Tamblyn, before returning to Blighty to be in a TV series with Holly Aird?

By which time she’ll probably be suffering from a severe case of a little known psychiatric illness called:

Spank Envy Personality Disorder

I’ll leave you to ponder on what the symptoms of SEPD might be.

But there’s only ONE known cure!


Cinndunc (Zaraah Abrahams)

Chross and Halfpenny (Brides of Christ) 

(More on Dancing on Ice coming soon.)

Spanking Trivia Fact of the Week:

Naomi Watts and Olivia Hallinan were both 22 years old when they donned school uniforms and presented their bottoms for chastisement on TV.

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One thought on “Peer Group Pressure”

  1. The Sugar Rush clip was a hot one. Probably Chross has a copy archived in his movie database. I suspect this particular instance of peer pressure is just a portent of things to come. Why, when spanking becomes the “in” thing to do, even regular young people will feel left out if they’re not getting some.

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