What Top Celebrities Really Think About Their Bottoms – Dancing On Ice Special

Admittedly, calling some of these folks “top celebrities” is pushing it a bit, but Dancing On Ice is the top-rated TV show in the UK at the moment, so these Z-listers are suddenly big news.

But it’s not just the public profiles of the skaters that are being raised by their performances on the ice. Their buttock muscles are being toned and molded into shape too.

Apparently, skating is a superb work out for this part of the body, and the female contestants can’t help boasting to the press about how firm and shapely their rears have become.

Zaraah Abrahams, star of my Peer Group Pressure post, is now claiming to have a bottom like J-Lo’s:

I’ve never wanted to lose too much because it’s nice to fill out your clothes. I think men prefer girls with curves. But I have noticed that doing this show my ‘bingo wings’ have stopped flapping and my bum’s tighter and more pert than before.

It looks better than J-Lo’s!

doi 03

Zaraah’s buttocks received a special round of applause

doi 01Linda Lusardi (left) has a more modest target than a J-Lo butt. She’d be more than happy with a bottom like Bonnie Langford’s.

The stunning actress and former model, recently voted the most beautiful Page Three girl of all time, is thrilled that her body has slimmed to a size 8 thanks to her skating regime. She told The Sun:

I’ve watched my bum go up, up, up!

I’ve got a little six pack, which I’m very proud of, and my bum is getting toned. Skating really does target the places where every woman wants to lose weight – your bum, thighs and stomach. Those are what you use the whole time that you’re on the ice. And I can see it on my bum. I’m aiming for a peachy Bonnie Langford bum — hers was amazing when she was on Dancing On Ice and I want one!

So I’ve been holding a peach up to the mirror and I can see that I’ve got a bit to go yet!

doi 02

Bonnie Langford (above) was in the previous series – as was singer Lisa Scott Lee (below), who came up with perhaps the most memorable Dancing on Ice bottom quote of all:

lisa scott lee 150c

This is the fittest I’ve ever been. It’s been great for my bum. All the girls are feeling the benefit. And I’d like to say my husband is still feeling mine!

I’m not sure if these bikini pictures were taken before or after she’d been in the show, but it looks pretty fit to me.

doi 06doi 07doi 05

Ice skating dresses are very sexy in the way they flip up during spins and ride up during lifts. A spanking scenario featuring an ice dancer taking his partner OTK for messing up during a routine would be pretty hot.

Some of you may also have vivid memories of skater Tonya Harding, who created quite a stir in the 1980s, with her bad attitude and general spankability.

I can’t find any spanking pictures featuring ice skaters though. I suppose kink-friendly ice rinks are not exactly easy to come by. If you know of a video or picture of a competition ice skater being taken across the knee, I’d like to hear about it.

ss 01

In the meantime, you’ll have to make do with this picture of Suzanne Shaw falling over, which isn’t a bad substitute.

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