Lindsay Lohan in Spank Statement Anniversary Tribute

Who’d have thought that Lindsay Lohan would agree to recreate the iconic Spank Statement banner image in a new photoshoot, just in time for her favourite blog’s first anniversary?

sb 05

Well alright, she was actually recreating Marilyn Monroe’s equally iconic The Last Sitting photoshoot for New York Magazine, but I thought it would make a nice birthday surprise.

sb 02

It hardly seems a year since I wrote my first post. How times flies when you’re having fun; and as long as it stays fun, I’ll continue to do it. WordPress statistics don’t record unique visitors, but I’ve had over half a million page views!

I’ve also had plenty of support from my fellow spanking bloggers – with thanks due especially to Chross for his regular links, and Pixie and Dave for their help and encouragement.

Talking of which, Dave has written a flattering and fun piece about The Spank Statement on his “Get Your Blog On” feature, which you might like to have a look at, if you haven’t seen it already.

Thanks also to all those regular readers who’ve made comments – particularly Sir Vice Anglais and Luther, who spoke up for this blog in a thread on the Spanking Facts and Research Chat Forum recently.

As I write this, a whole horde of Spanking Blog readers are following a link here to read my Ian Fleming post, so I’d better thank Spankboss too. He is the boss after all.

When I started the blog, I thought it might appeal to one or two other quirky English spankos, but in fact I’ve had nothing but positive feedback from readers in general from all over the world.

Doing a blog about mainstream adult female spanking can be a frustrating and tantalising exercise. I wish I could feature more truly original and genuine over-the-knee action, rather than swats and threats or “what ifs” and “near misses.”

But that’s the nature of our interest, and if we’re honest it’s always the next spanking scene or picture that we’re most interested in anyway – the quest for which is never ending.

Thanks also to a certain Swedish gentleman for his information and friendship. My ambition for the second year of this blog is to get him to leave a comment.

sb 04

How about starting with this post? I’d be most interested to learn the Swedish for Happy Birthday!

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10 thoughts on “Lindsay Lohan in Spank Statement Anniversary Tribute”

  1. Happy blog birthday Valor. Congratulatons on a year of successful blogging. Now is that a bruise on Lindsay’s bottom just below the back dimples, or is it one of the darn tatoos?

  2. Congrats and continued success! Keeping a blog going for more than a year and beyond is no easy task. If you’ve had over half a million page views, that’s heaps of visitors! and certainly attests to your fabtastic work and the popularity of this blog.

    Blog on! 🙂

  3. Valdor, please accept my congratulations also, on your blog’s first anniversary. I’m amazed how you continue to keep this blog so interesting and varied, on what is intellectually, let’s be honest, a fairly limited subject.

    I trust you will go out tonight and celebrate by spanking some naughty girl’s bottom.

    As for Lindsay Lohan and her photoshoot I’m afraid she is not in the same league as the real thing and I wonder why she bothered.

  4. Happy blogaversary, It is always a pleasure to visit what can only be described as one of the quality spanking blogs.

    I usualy find that unique visitors are about 60% of page downloads so that means you will have had about 300, 000 visitors.

    Thanks for the help that you gave me during the early days of blogging. 🙂


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