Harder, Pussycat! Spank! Spank!

gh 02Whilst we await some exciting developments on the sexploitation video front, (see yesterday’s post for details), news has reached the Spank Statement information desk that “Grindhouse” cinema could be about to make a spectacular comeback!

Let’s hope the true spirit of those late Sixties and early Seventies films can be recaptured. Soft core, trashy, and low budget, but with the sort of fun and adventurous spirit that means spanking DOES get included as part of the sexual menu.

To fill you in on the details, here’s another equally exciting development – A GUEST POST!

Yes, regular contributor Karl Friedrich Gauss, has gone to the trouble of writing up this piece for your enjoyment. So please leave a comment. As we don’t like to be rude to guests do we?


Three of the worst “bad girls” in cinema history are slated for reincarnation in cult director Quentin Tarantino’s remake of Russ Meyer’s sexploitation classic Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!.

gh 03According to Slashfilm.com, Quentin Tarantino wants to remake Russ Meyer’s 1965 exploitation flick Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!, with Britney Spears, Eva Mendes and Kim Kardashian. And to add another lascivious layer of his homemade icing, QT wants to make his version ‘even raunchier’.

Russ Meyer’s original Pussycat is a comic book of a movie with oversexed, scantily clad, large-breasted, bad girl go go dancers, who go in for reckless driving, killing boyfriends and terrorizing poor farm families.

With it’s newsreel voice-overs, it’s preposterous plot line, and its one dimensional characters, it’s so bad, that in its own overwrought way it’s good, if only as an example of the kind of movies that were once made for teenagers – who really only needed a background track for necking and petting at the drive-in.

Now this is just the sort of stuff that Quentin Tarantino loves to get his hands on. His last flick, Death Proof, was an unabashed homage to B-movie culture. For the American market, it was packaged as half of a double bill under the name Grindhouse.

The opening act of this double bill was Robert Rodrigues’ Planet Terror a zombie slasher film, also in the classical B-movie tradition. And in between were fake trailers for nonexistent films. Hobo With a Shotgun was particularly hilarious. (N.B. vanilla link: No spanking)

Before that, Tarantino’s Kill Bill paid homage to his much beloved Hong Kong martial arts film genre. And of course before that, his greatest hit was undoubtedly Pulp Fiction, which I’m sure you’ve all seen by now.

If you haven’t, run, don’t walk to your nearest video store and rent it right away. It’s flashy, funny, sexy, subtle, violent and irreverent all the good things that film can be. So it will be fun to see what Mr. T. does with his new Faster Pussycat.

gh 01

Of course we all know what should really have happened to those three bad girls.

But it remains to be seen whether Tarantino would really script his leading man to take them out behind the barn or drag them off to the woodshed for a good thrashing. The rural ranch setting of Russ Meyer’s original would certainly have been perfect for an ending like that.

gh 05

While it certainly doesn’t amount to much, there is already a video on YouTube of rumoured leading woman Kim Kardashian receiving one spank at LA Fashion Week:

Could this be a portent of things to come?

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3 thoughts on “Harder, Pussycat! Spank! Spank!”

  1. I was channel-surfing late at night not long ago, and came across what I think was the original F,P!K!K! One of the girls threatened a man that her father (grandfather? uncle?) would spank him. That would have been M/M, of course, and not our cup of tea, but it suggests that the girls may have had some well deserved CP in their lives.

  2. “…it suggests that the girls may have had some well deserved CP in their lives…”

    I think you’re probably right about that, JS, and it wouldn’t be any surprise, given the era this is set in, and the social class these girls seem to come from. I know you Brits think we’re classless over in America, but I’d bet these girls come from a lineage of “White Trash” or “Trailer Trash”, judging by their manners and language.

    It’s been a couple years since I saw the movie. So I can’t say I remember the spanking references you refer to, JS. I rented it as a video from one of those large-inventory cult-movie rental houses in my friendly neighborhood metropolis after I’d listened to this guy raving about it at a party. I was a little underwhelmed when I saw the film. It wasn’t “THAT” great. But it’s still around and attracting some semblance of an audience.

    Hopefully QT’s version would be a lot better and look less dated. Valdor gives the immpression that the Grindhouse double bill was more of a success than it really was, over on this side of the pond. But, being in Britain, I imagine it’s a little hard to tell exactly what movies are and aren’t going over big “in the colonies”.

    Oh and Valdor, thanks for the invitation to do this, and for your great title and introduction, and for editorial tidying. As I’ve said before, your ‘Spank Statement’ is one of the best.

  3. Well at least, thanks to JS, you found out something by writing the post.

    I’m glad it turned out so postively for you. You certainly nailed all the essential ingredients of a sucessful Spank Statement I’d say!

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