Shari Mann’s Annus Mirabilis

Well I promised a link to the first spanking scene in Starlet (1969), but thanks to the genius that is Chross, I can go one better and provide links to both Shari Mann’s otk scenes.

Also from 1969, the spanking in Thar She Blows takes place in a ship’s cabin.

I like the way both spankings are sexualised, yet also come across as quite serious punishments too. A nice balance is achieved.

(And no, ‘annus mirabilis’ doesn’t mean beautiful bottom. Although she’s got one of those too!)

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3 thoughts on “Shari Mann’s Annus Mirabilis”

  1. Does it mean “Miraculous Year”?

    Looking at one of these videos, the actual spanking seems pretty “simulated”. It’s like the guy is making a show of repeatedly grabbing her ass with his fingers splayed. It really looks bizarre. I guess either she wasn’t up for a real spanking or he didn’t want to spank her, or the director thought this was the safer route. Anyway, the leadup theatrics were certainly believable.

  2. Valdor, I’ll bet your latin tutors are pleased to see you making good use of their tutelege. I imagine a couple of them sitting in a pub chatting about you “I always knew he’d grow up to be a first rate spanking blogger”.

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