Mad Men

You have to admit the boss/secretary scenario has a lot going for it. It’s largely free of the more creepy aspects that uncle/niece and teacher/pupil storylines can sometimes have. And yet it borrows elements from both.

In Secretary, the scene in which James Spader rings Maggie Gyllenhaal’s typos in red ink and then makes her read out the letter whilst spanking her, could be transferred pretty much unchanged to a schoolroom setting.

I’ve already suggested in a previous post that the Spader/Gyllenhaal scene was probably the catalyst for a boss/secretary spanking in last year’s Californication. Now classy US TV drama Mad Men is just beginning a run in the UK on BBC4.

mom 02

It tells the story of the Sterling Cooper Advertising company on Madison Avenue in the 1960s, and according to reports, it captures the glory days of rampant sexism in the workplace. The sharp-suited alpha male executives are all hard drinking womanisers

…with their secretary’s behinds very much in the firing line!

I’ve read one preview which refers to “secretary butt-slapping high jinks”. I don’t know whether this actually amounts to much, but it sounds promising.

mm 06

One of the secretaries, Peggy, is played by Elisabeth Moss (above). She literally becomes the “butt” of jokes, with one liners that include:

“She’s like a lobster…all the meat’s in the tail.”

Peggy’s mentor, the office manager Joan, is played by Christina Hendricks, (below) a stunning red-head with a Marilyn Monroe figure.

mm 05

A spanking good outfit to work for, indeed.

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