A Quiet Easter

I’m taking an Easter break from blogging. I’m not going anywhere, but I shall be making some major changes to my computer system, so hopefully I’ll be back in two weeks time (April 1st), with everything sorted and working properly.

But before I go quiet, there’s just time to point out that I’ve given the blogroll a spring clean, and it now features some exciting new additions.

There seemed to be a gaping hole in the market for an intelligent, independent video and website review blog, and thankfully Ludwig’s Rohrstockpalast is now filling it with some style. Ludwig is a history student who lives in Munich. His approach to reviewing c.p. films is fresh, stimulating, and well worth your attention.

Devlin O’Neill’s weblog features “the musings, mutterings and pontifications of the renowned romance author Devlin O’Neill.” It also has stylish pictures, loads of comments, and it’s on WordPress. So why not head straight over there, and join the party?

Spanking Minnesota is written by Dr Ken, who hails from Minneapolis. I loved reading a recent post of his which substituted the lyrics to the Nickelback song Rockstar with a whole host of celebrity spanking nominations from the world of TV. Great stuff.

The Little Red Schoolhouse is the blog of Abby Williams, who lists her interests as:

Spanking. Getting a spanking. Writing about spanking. Making spanking films. Reading about spanking. Thinking about spanking. Shopping for spanking implements. Shopping for spanking outfits. Seeing other girls get spankings.

Finally, Mr Whacker is generous enough to link to this blog and I wouldn’t want to offend someone with a name like that, so I’ve added him to the blogroll too.

Hopefully you will find plenty there to keep you entertained, whilst not forgetting the much-loved regulars of course.

So get clicking on those links,

Happy Easter,


8 thoughts on “A Quiet Easter”

  1. Have a well deserved break Valdor! Let me guess, you’ll be going to the Czech Republic to research the local Easter customs. Thanks for your blog recommendations. In particular I find Devlin’s site is a blast and Ludwig brings a certain irony and intellection to his particular study of the subject, which I find most refreshing. Of course Dr. Ken is a fun guy as well and his site features many a well-turned phrase. The others I don’t know so well, but will make a point of looking into them.

  2. Karl:

    It’ll be a break for you too I guess. From leaving comments, I mean.

    Perhaps I’ll bump into you on the streets of Prague πŸ™‚

    Have a great Easter

    Devlin: erm…. I think you already have a link to my blog lol

    Good to hear from you anyway,
    Do drop by again some time


    Of course, you live in Belgium, which must receive a huge boost to its economy every Easter.
    I confess to being a chocoholic. I’m a gormet enough to savour the finest, but I’ll pig out on a Mars bar or three if that’s all that’s going.

  3. Valdor–
    Many thanks for the kind mention, and also for adding a link to my blog. It’s deeply appreciated.
    The song parody “Musical Interlude: Sing Along With Dr. Ken” was a lot of fun to write, although it took almost two weeks for me to work out all the verses and put it together. I also spent a lot of time singing along to the Nickelback song, Rockstar, to make sure my lyrics fit the pattern of the tune–or, at least, came close. I had to squeeze a syllable or two here and there, but it can be done! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

    Dr. Ken

  4. Hello! Thank you so so much for linking me! I’m sorry I’m late in writing–then again, as you know, if I wasn’t so fond of naughtiness this would be the wrong genre for me. I’ve linked you in return. I’ve been to your blog before but sometimes I need a great big smack to remind me to add a link. So thank you for both the link and the mental smack. πŸ™‚

    Best wishes,

  5. Dr Ken:

    I now have this image of you singing along in front of the mirror with a hairbrush for a microphone!

    And than putting the hairbrush to a different use!


    You are forgiven…..this time!

    Thanks to both of you for dropping by, and for returning my links.

    Valdor πŸ™‚

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