If You Could Only Cook

This is another picture from an old movie, which I came across whilst browsing the web. It’s new to me, so I thought I’d share. If You Could Only Cook dates from 1935, and the spankee is Jean Arthur, who just a year later dished out a spanking to Dorothea Kent in More than a Secretary.

ja 01

This looks like a publicity still, and I don’t think there’s a spanking in the actual movie. Or is there?

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2 thoughts on “If You Could Only Cook”

  1. Don’t you just love a woman who knows her place — that being “across a man’s lap”. The widespread prevalence of movie publicity stills featuring poses like this, shows clearly that the “spanking women is fun and sexy” meme was alive and well throughout much of the last century. Here it looks like the woman is the one who’s really getting off on the idea and the men look like they’re playing along to humour her.

  2. You’re right, to the best of my knowledge. I certainly have never heard of any spanking scene in this movie (or heard of the movie, for that matter), so it probably is just a publicity still.
    A very nice photo, though…

    Dr. Ken

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